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Voters overwhelmingly approved Question 2, which will extend Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act to more than 70,000 people.

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For nearly two years, the York county casino campaign and international casino developer Shawn Scott have been undeterred by neither cost nor controversy. But on Tuesday, Scott, who has been roundly criticized for commercializing Maine’s citizen initiative process, ran into the one thing that could stop him: Maine voters.

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For the first time in about three years, the Land for Maine’s Future board is considering funding for more than two-dozen conservation and water access projects around the state.

The projects range in size from a boat landing in Lubec and a 129-acre farm in Arundel to the 23,000-acre Bix Six Township in remote Somerset County on the Canadian border. But funding is limited, and the competition is fierce.

A key witness whose testimony helped secure bail for Anthony Sanborn as he fights a decades-old murder conviction was back on the stand Tuesday in Cumberland County Superior Court.

Last spring, Hope Cady recanted her testimony from the original trial, that she had witnessed Sanborn murder Jessica Briggs on a Portland pier. Cady still maintains that she didn’t see Sanborn commit the crime.

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The next time you buy a pass to drive into Acadia National Park, the price may have nearly tripled. The Trump administration is proposing a substantial increase in fees at Acadia and 16 other national parks, in part to help address an estimated $11 billion in infrastructure needs within the system nationwide.

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Secretary of State Matt Dunlap says that based on what he has seen and heard from local election officials, turnout could reach 30 percent this Election Day.

The House of Representatives has approved Democratic U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree’s bill aimed at protecting vets from unfair debt collections by Veterans Affairs.

Pingree, from Maine’s 1st District, says too often veterans only find out that they owe the VA after their credit rating is damaged or they are denied a loan.

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Independent U.S. Sen. Angus King of Maine used the confirmation hearing of a Navy official to criticize a proposed immigration system based on points.

King was prompted by the testimony of Thomas Modly, nominated to be under secretary of the Navy, who told the story of how his father fled communist Hungary to come to the United States.

ImmuCell, an animal biotech firm based in Portland, is a big step closer to getting a new kind of treatment for dairy cows to market.

The company has completed a new facility where, pending approval from the FDA, it will manufacture a dairy-based treatment for mastitis, a common infection in dairy cows.

ImmuCell President and CEO Michael Brigham says using Nisin could save farmers a lot of money.  Unlike with traditional antibiotics, farmers can keep selling milk from cows treated with Nisin because if there is any residue from the treatment it's not a problem.

A bipartisan measure that would create a public health infrastructure to combat Alzheimer's disease and preserve brain health has been introduced by Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins. 

In a speech on the Senate floor Monday, Collins said the so-called BOLD act would apply a public health approach to Alzheimer's disease, which she says is one of the greatest, most under-recognized threats.

"Five-and-a-half million Americans are living with the disease," she said, "and that number will soar as our population continues to grow older and lives longer."

This story was originally published at 3:22 p.m. ET on Nov. 6, 2017.

A longtime champion for the modernization of Maine’s economy is running for governor. Alan Caron says he will run as an independent, becoming the 18th candidate in the crowded field.

Although he has never run for office, Caron has been a fixture in Maine’s policy debates for decades. The Waterville native founded GrowSmart Maine and, more recently, Envision Maine, both aimed at convening politicians, businesses and nonprofits to find consensus on moving the economy forward.

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For the past several weeks, “new” Mainers have been breaking bread with longtime residents of Lewiston and Auburn, swapping stories about their families and breaking down stereotypes about immigrants and refugees.

It’s part of a national initiative to address the uptick in hate crimes. One focus of the sessions is to teach bystanders how to safely intervene in a bias incident before it escalates.

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The House of Representatives has voted to uphold Gov. Paul LePage’s veto of legislation designed to implement retail sales of marijuana in Maine.

State election officials are issuing signature petitions Monday to supporters of ranked-choice voting in Maine. They are mounting a people’s veto campaign to try and block part of a new law passed by the Maine Legislature that would delay the start of ranked-choice voting in elections for any state and federal offices until 2022.

The measure would also require that the state constitution be amended before then so the new system could apply to all elections.

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Fishermen up and down the New England coast say it has been decades since they’ve been able to catch so many Atlantic bluefin tuna, so fast. Once severely depleted, populations of the prized sushi fish appear to be rebuilding.