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Irwin Gratz / Maine Public

The Maine Historical Society sent several hundred people on a scavenger hunt across Portland Saturday. What they found were glimpses of historic sites rarely seen and a chance to see them up close.

School can seem like a great place so young people can work, hang out with friends, and look forward to the future. 

But to kids with autism, it can sometimes be scary. They intend to sometimes be alone, and they will try their best to socialize, but it can get awkward fast. 

This has happened to me as a kid and still to this day. I do socialize with a lot of people in my high school, but sometimes it gets awkward even when I don’t realize it. Some people will walk away from me and wonder if I’m strange or not, while others will accept the way I am and the way I act. 

U.S. Sen. Susan Collins is praising the first woman to serve as president of the University of Maine.

Collins said President Susan Hunter oversaw the largest incoming class, largest number of out-of-state students and biggest increase in donations to the Annual Fund. She quipped, "Why did we wait so long to put a woman in charge?"

Collins spoke Saturday as the University of Maine System held commencements from Portland to Fort Kent. The University of Maine at Machias is holding its commencement on Sunday.

The current Deputy Chief of the Maine State Police, Lt. Col. John-Paul Cote, has been unanimously endorsed by the legislature’s Criminal Justice committee to be chief of the state police.

He told lawmakers there needs to be more troopers to meet the growing complexity of crimes being committed in the state around the clock.

His nomination now goes to the State Senate for its approval.

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An online fundraising effort to cover some unanticipated costs related to the staging of this week's funeral for Cpl. Eugene Cole of the Somerset County Sheriff's Department has exceeded its $20,000 goal.

The University of Maine and the Penobscot Nation have signed an agreement to help preserve the tribe's cultural heritage.

WABI-TV reports officials from the university and the tribe met Thursday afternoon at the Hudson Museum to sign a Memorandum of Understanding. Under the pact, tribal perspectives will be included in research projects. Officials will also add Penobscot signs on campus.

UMaine President Susan Hunter says the memorandum will evolve to include more people. Hunter is confident the agreement will benefit the entire state.

Maine has long been known for its outstanding boating opportunities – both coastal and inland. Recreational boaters from Maine and far beyond are drawn to Maine’s salt and fresh waters each year, following living traditions set by the Abenaki paddling rivers and Maine’s coast.

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It's Super Thursday! We listen back to excerpts from a few of our recent favorite Maine Calling episodes.

PORTLAND, Maine - The Maine Brewers' Guild says they will be sending a shipping container filled with Maine's craft brews to England for a beer festival.
The Maine Beer Box will have 78 beers on tap for the Leeds-based beer festival in September. The Portland Press Herald reports the box was previously shipped to Iceland last year for a June festival - the box's first outing.
Maine beer fans will be rewarded, as the beer box will return to Maine filled with beers from the United Kingdom, in time for Portland's Winter Session beer festival in November.

CAPE ELIZABETH, Maine - A lobster industry group says it removed the biggest example of derelict fishing gear from the Gulf of Maine in at least ten years.
The Portland Press Herald reports the old gear was essentially a two-ton ball of underwater marine debris. It measured 15 feet in diameter and was pulled from Dyer Cove off Cape Elizabeth on Tuesday.

Robbie Feinberg / Maine Public

The number of young people in Maine has been declining for decades. The trend concerns many independent and private town academies in the state. Some have lost up to a quarter of their students over the last ten years. 

Michigan-based Boyne Resorts has completed its purchase of six ski resorts it was operating under long-term lease agreements from Maine to British Columbia.
CEO Stephen Kircher called the closing with Oz Real Estate this week "exceptionally gratifying'' because he'd long wanted to own the properties outright.

Pop, Rap Lyrics Support a Culture Demeaning Women

May 9, 2018

Misogyny has always been a issue in media. The over-sexualization of women is appalling, and quite degrading. This problem often slips by unnoticed because we have become desensitized to it. It's never viewed as a problem, instead it's become normal to overly sexualize females in objectifying and misogynistic ways. 

Now one would think this is mainly in movies, TV, and video games. While this problem is certainly within these forms of media, the matter I find most pressing to address is the misogyny in pop music.  Popular music thrives off of the superficial process of repetition. It sticks to a small set of musical themes, and uses them until they're no longer trendy. It's never about art, it's about what will sell the most, and right now for male artists that topic is demeaning women. They don't care about the effects of these messages, as long as they're paid.

Maine’s own "holler folk" band, Ghost of Paul Revere, joins us to discuss their new album, life on the road, and making it onto the national music scene.  They made their national debut in January on "Conan."

ASHLAND, Maine - Maine officials are working on a new plan for the management of public lands in the far northern part of the state.
The state is looking at potential changes to the Northern Aroostook Region Public Reserved Lands Management Plan, which was adopted more than 10 years ago. The Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands is holding a meeting on the subject in Ashland on Wednesday.