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ORONO, Maine - The University of Maine has deployed a herd of goats to help students get through a stressful finals season at the end of the semester.
There was a line of students waiting this week to get close to the goats. WABI-TV reports the goal of the goats is to cheer students up who may be dealing with stress.
Assistant Director of Student Activities Brittney Smith says goats are popular and all over the internet. Smith adds that the animals are important in helping students find an outlet for mental health exercises.

Study: Spending By Acadia Visitors Hits All-Time High In 2017

May 8, 2018
Nick Sambides Jr. / Bangor Daily News

A study released Monday claims that visitors to Acadia National Park last year spent $284 million in support of about 4,163 jobs with a cumulative benefit to the local economy of $338 million.

From open office space to green building materials, we’ll discuss how companies are creating a productive, healthful and forward-thinking office environment.

If there were one thing I was not prepared for when I signed up to lead a school safety walkout for March 14th, it was the amount of pushback I received while planning. There were days it felt as if I was standing in a room full of people, all wearing headphones, screaming, "You don’t want to die here either, right?" with little-to-no effect. Many, even my friends, couldn’t understand the point of a walkout. Some students didn’t want to side with the gun-haters. Many didn’t like the phrase, “gun control.”

I live in a very politically divided place. In my small, rural Maine town, you can guess just by looking at a classroom full of kids who owns a gun, whose family makes more than $30,000 a year, who is planning on going to college. There are few secrets when it comes to political leanings, and gun control is a particularly heated issue because of this. I had no idea how hard it would be to be a leader of these students, or how hard it would be to rally people for a cause that seems so obvious.

WESTBROOK, Maine - A Maine bookstore says it is pulling books written by Junot Diaz, who is facing allegations of sexual misconduct.
Quill Books & Beverage in Westbrook announced Friday it would be removing any books written by Diaz from its shelves. Co-owner Allison Krzanowski tells the Portland Press Herald that the bookstore has previously removed books by other men who have faced similar accusations.

Nick Woodward / Maine Public

More than 3,000 law enforcement officers from around the state and nation turned out in Bangor Monday for a memorial to Somerset County Cpl. Eugene Cole, the deputy sheriff who was killed last month in Norridgewock.

The situation in Augusta is tense as House Republicans and House Democrats fail to find common ground. We hope to have leaders from each side join us to discuss their differences and how the issues still to be decided might be resolved.

Community Rallies Around Maine Muslim Family After Their Business Was Targeted

May 7, 2018
Nick McCrea / Bangor Daily News

When Kathryn Piper and Hussam “Sam” Al-Rawi, a Troy couple who own a new halal meat business, woke up one morning in April to see that someone apparently had fired a shotgun at their brand new sign, they were frightened.

LEWISTON, Maine - A Maine university has removed artwork from a campus gallery upon learning the artist of the three works is a convicted sex offender.
The University of Southern Maine removed the works by Bruce Habowski when a relative of one of his victim's called to complain. The Portland Press Herald reports a criminal background check shows Habowski was convicted of unlawful sexual contact in 1999 and served six months in jail.
USM says the paintings were removed after receiving a complaint about the artist, not the content of the art.

OAKFIELD, Maine - A Smyrna man who was shot by a trooper during an arrest in the town of Oakfield last week has died.
Officials say 54-year-old John Corneil was shot during an armed confrontation late Friday morning after a team of three troopers went to a store to arrest him.
Maine Public Safety Department spokesman Steve McCausland said he died Saturday at Eastern Maine Medical Center. An autopsy was being done Sunday.
The Maine attorney general's office investigating the incident.

Utility crews are back on the job two days after high winds knocked out power to homes and businesses across northern New England.

Martin Murray of Eversource told WMUR-TV that the damage from Friday night's storms was significant and often involved entire trees coming down on power lines. The company reported 861 New Hampshire customers without power Sunday morning, and had extra crews from Connecticut and Massachusetts helping with the recovery efforts.

The U.S. Department of Transportation is giving Maine more than $8.6 million to improve highway infrastructure in the state.

The money is coming via the Federal Highway Administration. Republican Sen. Susan Collins says the increase was included in the fiscal 2018 federal funding bill.

Most killers you hear about on the news, or you see on the covers of magazines, but not mental illness.

Millions of people are affected by depression, anxiety, substance addiction, and more. And sadly, sometimes mental illness can end in suicide. It is hard to diagnose many mental illnesses, especially in teens. Many things can cause mental health issues, and for young people that are affected by mental illness, schools should be taking a much larger role in educating youth on their mental health and how to take care of it. Mental illness is too big of a problem for people to ignore. 

PORTLAND, Maine - The Cumberland County Jail was locked down for a couple of hours Friday, and officers taken to the hospital after a packet of fentanyl went airborne.

Vinyl Records: How These Old Discs Are Making a Comeback

May 4, 2018

First there were cassettes, then CDs, then MP3s — each supposed to be the death of vinyl records. Yet they remain popular, and more and more bands are releasing their music on vinyl. Last year 14 percent of all albums sold were vinyl records — the 12th straight year of vinyl sales growth. We’ll hear from collectors and aficionados about why this “old” format continues to remain popular.