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A four-year-old program that allows veterans to receive health care services closer to home is working well in Maine for the veterans, but not as well for hospitals.

BOSTON - A federal appeals court has ruled against parents in Maine who wanted to record the school day of their son with a rare neurological disorder that affects his speaking ability.
A three-judge panel of the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston sided Monday with the school district, which has blocked the teen from bringing the audio recording device to class.
The parents say they need to get a glimpse inside his school day so they can ensure he's treated properly.

DETROIT - A judge has ruled in favor of the government in a dispute over ownership of two antique lighthouse lenses worth at least $600,000.
The decision means Steve Gronow of Howell, Michigan, must surrender the lenses. He calls it a "huge disappointment.''
The government sued Gronow, saying he had no right to lenses from the Spring Point Ledge lighthouse in Maine and the Belle Isle lighthouse in Detroit.

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) _ Maine child abuse advocates and law enforcement officials are speaking out after two girls recently died following abuse in their homes.
Kate Perkins of the Maine Children's Trust said child abuse and prevention councils are working with law enforcement officials to "insure Maine children are safely nurtured.''
The groups are holding a news conference on Tuesday.

Trophies for All Won’t Make Everyone a Winner

Mar 26, 2018

Writer Ashley Merryman’s article, "Losing is Good for You," published by The New York Times in 2013, challenged a popular trend. She argues against giving out trophies to children who participate in sports, and questions whether it is a good idea to give everyone on the team a trophy regardless of their accomplishments or athletic ability.

It’s a common practice, and in her article she mentions the American Youth Soccer Organization in Southern California, a group that gave trophies to every player just for being a member of the team. Merryman points out that children respond well when they are praised for their accomplishments, and will try harder; but on the other hand, those who know they will be rewarded regardless of their effort do not learn problem solving skills. 

Merryman adds that those who struggle will not try harder because they know they will be rewarded anyway, and those who do well may feel cheated that they are not getting special recognition. She believes that the long-term effects are harmful because children will grow up thinking that they just have to show up and not put in any effort. Her conclusion is, “Our job is to help kids overcome setbacks, to help them see that progress over time is more important than a particular win or loss and to help them graciously congratulate the child who succeeded when they failed.” 

Residents of the Midcoast town of Alna have voted in favor of eliminating the town's elementary "private school choice" program.

Alna is one of only a few towns in Maine that helps to fund students' educations at any public or private school, from kindergarten through 12th grade. It's a policy that local parents say has benefitted students.

But recently, Alna officials have expressed worries about increased taxes due to families potentially moving to their town to take advantage of the policy.

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HOLDEN, Maine -  Almost 100 sugar shacks are open for Maine Maple Sunday, and this year, most should have something to demonstrate.

AUBURN, Maine - A rare Lockheed Super Constellation Starliner that's being restored in Auburn, Maine, is ready to be shipped to Germany for final work and reassembly.
A division of Lufthansa, the German airline, said it plans to dismantle and transport the "Super Star'' after a 10-year restoration project.
The Sun Journal reported that there's no firm departure date.

Whales in Maine

Mar 26, 2018

This is a rebroadcast of an earlier show (Feb 12, 2018); no calls will be taken.

With recent news that Maine's right whale population has had no calf births this season, concerns over the outlook for whales have intensified. Several species of whales can be seen off of Maine's coast, from humpback to minke to right whales. But some of these whale populations have suffered an unusually high number of deaths recently--often due to human activities, such as fishing or shipping. We learn about what kinds of whales we have near Maine and how they are faring--as well as what is being done to protect them.


The U.S. Department of Agriculture is giving a Maine city nearly $9 million in grants and loans to overhaul its wastewater system.

Republican Sen. Susan Collins and independent Sen. Angus King say USDA Rural Development is giving Bath a $2.3 million grant, while the agency is also providing a $6.5 million Water and Waste Disposal Direct Loan. The senators say the city is using the money to begin a series of upgrades right away.

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Every year, Maine’s maple syrup producers celebrate Maine Maple Sunday by offering free samples and demonstrations on how the syrup is made. Many establishments have also begun to offer games, tours, music and other events, making the day a holiday for many.

You can find a map of sugarhouses and find out what events they are offering from the Maine Maple Producers Association here.

The owner of a newspaper group that dominates Maine media says he will expand his publishing footprint by acquiring two more daily papers and a weekly group.

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Hundreds of thousands of ralliers from across the world — including Maine — are expected to mobilize Saturday to call for an end to gun violence.

PORTLAND, Maine - A group of parents raffling off a gun to support a Maine high school graduation celebration is receiving backlash online.
WGME-TV reports the group is raffling off a 9mm handgun that a parent donated to raise money for Project Graduation at Hodgdon High School. Sporting goods store owner and parent Michelle Crane promoted the raffle on her Facebook page last month.
Crane says all laws apply in the raffle and that the winner must pass a background check. She says the group has raffled off guns before.