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Long Creek Youth Development Center in South Portland
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Echoing the findings shared at a juvenile justice summit in Maine last Fall, the Muskie School of Public Service and the University of Maine School of Law are calling for a shift away from youth prisons like Long Creek in South Portland to non-residential community-based programs and services. And they’ve produced a report that suggests the transition will save money and produce better outcomes for kids.

After losing state funding last July, school-based health centers could see it restored under a bill being considered by the Health and Human Services Committee. Proponents say the health centers are critical to keeping kids healthy and in school. But some are concerned that reinstating the funding would lead to cuts to other state health programs.

Schools are usually associated with academics, as opposed to health care. But according to Calais schools superintendent Ron Jenkins, the two share an important link.

Snowmobiling in Maine

Jan 19, 2018

How significant is snowmobiling to Maine's economy? What should people know about our trail system, and what are some good journeys to take? We'll also hear about safety tips and regulations.

Guests: Bob Meyer, Executive Director, Maine Snowmobiling Association

Chris Ring, business development manager of Automatic Distributors in Bangor, a major supplier of snowmobile parts, gear and accessories

AUGUSTA, Maine - Police in Maine say a registered sex offender who has taken photographs of children in public places didn't break any laws.
The Kennebec Journal reports Augusta police have received multiple calls about a man taking photographs of children and posting them to the social media site Flickr. The Maine sex offender registry says the man was convicted of three counts of gross sexual assault in 2006 and served a sentence. Authorities haven't identified him.

DRESDEN, Maine - Authorities in Maine are investigating a small earthquake.
Officials say the magnitude 2.6 quake happened at 6:47 p.m. Wednesday. Authorities say the quake's epicenter was in the town of Dresden.
Earthquakes that measure 2.0 or less are usually not felt by people.
No injuries have been reported. Officials continue to check for structural damage..

PORTLAND, Maine - Authorities in Massachusetts say a Maine police officer accused officers of racial profiling as they arrested her for pushing through a concert crowd and refusing to leave after being asked dozens of time.
Worcester police arrested 24-year-old Portland officer Zahra Munye Abu on Saturday night at a Ja Rule and Ashanti concert.

WINTHROP, Maine - Maine officials say a man is dead after bad weather caused two vehicles to crash into each other.
Winthrop police say the crash occurred on Route 202 in Winthrop Wednesday morning. The driver of a pickup truck heading east lost control of the vehicle and crashed head-on into an oncoming flatbed truck.
Police say the pickup truck's passenger, 24-year-old Connor King of Mechanic Falls, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Automotive News

Jan 18, 2018

We’ll get answers to your questions about all-wheel drive versus four-wheel drive, snow tires versus all-season tires, whether Tesla will ever reach its production goals, and more from the world of cars, trucks and SUVs.

Guests: Jamie Page Deaton, automotive editor for U.S. News & World Report

John Paul, New England AAA spokesperson and master mechanic

AUGUSTA, Maine - A marijuana legalization panel in Maine has voted to delay pot social clubs until 2023.
The Portland Press Herald reports the Marijuana Legalization Implementation Committee voted 5-1 to stall social club licensing. Committee members say they want to wait so Maine can learn from other states and gather more information.
Republican Gov. Paul LePage vetoed a bill that would've paved the way for social club licensing by 2019. He had raised concerns about impaired driving.

SANFORD, Maine - A Maine substitute teacher has been fired after telling a student he would get kicked out of the country if the proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall is built.
Sanford School Department officials tell the Portland Press Herald the exchange happened in an 11th grade classroom at Sanford Regional Technical Center last week. The district fired the teacher following an investigation into the exchange.

Fifty of Maine's most vulnerable residents who are addicted to opioids would get access to treatment under a bill that the Maine Legislature's Health and Human Services Committee is considering Wednesday.

Dr. Renee Fay-Leblanc, chief medical officer of Greater Portland Health, says the bill establishes a pilot project that would also provide stable housing.

"This bill will allow patients to get to a place where they can be successful in traditional substance use programs, and it will save lives," Fay-Leblanc says.

Original Stephen King Manuscripts Among Items Ruined In Bangor Water Main Break

Jan 17, 2018
Gabor Degre / Bangor Daily News

When Gerald Winters moved to Bangor from Thailand a little more than a year ago, he had one goal: to open a rare book store with every conceivable edition of Stephen King’s books, including manuscripts and first editions — a collection that took him two decades to amass.

A Maine college planning to build a hydroponic greenhouse is ending a partnership with a company that would have donated $750,000 to the effort.
The Bangor Daily News reports St. Joseph's College this month ended its relationship with Organic Nutrition Inc.
The company is backed by Cate Street Capital, a private equity firm that tried to restart the Great Northern Paper mill and left behind a trail of debt.
The greenhouse is part of the college's new institute to help New England food producers grow crops that the region typically must import.

Purposeful Work

Jan 17, 2018

This show will be broadcast live from Bates College

Now in its fourth year, Bates College's Purposeful Work initiative is a structured program of supported exploration, discovery, self-reflection, and skill-building designed to align students' interests and talents with the work they will ultimately pursue after graduation. The core philosophy is infused into all aspects of the Bates experience and has a proven track record. We’ll discuss how this program is fostering connections between Maine companies and the next generation of potential employees, and how the tenets of the program's philosophy can be leveraged at every career level.

Guests:  Clayton Spencer, President of Bates College

Rebecca Fraser-Thill, Lecturer, Associate Department Chair of Psychology, Bates College

Reed Mszar, Senior at Bates College

Maine’s top marine official is opposed to proposed federal regulations that would require all commercial lobster harvesters in Maine to file landing reports.

Maine currently selects at random 10 percent of the state’s lobstermen for reporting. Maine Department of Marine Resources spokesman Jeff Nichols says DMR Commissioner Patrick Kelliher believes 10 percent is sufficient, but that it’s possible to improve the data by eliminating a couple of classes of license holders who currently can be chosen to submit data.