Poland Spring

Gov. Paul LePage has nominated a hydrogeologist to the citizen board that enforces and interprets Maine’s environmental laws: Mark Dubois, who works for Poland Spring, the largest producer of spring water in the country.

Dubois’ nomination to the Board of Environmental Protection is generating opposition from groups who worry his appointment could grease the skids for the company’s aggressive expansion plans.

PORTLAND, Maine - A new lawsuit accuses Poland Spring water of deceiving customers by putting the words "100 percent natural spring water'' on product labels.
The federal class-action lawsuit in Maine targets corporate parent Nestle Waters North America, which is accused of bottling water from wells and municipal sources that don't meet the federal definition of spring water.
New York attorney Gregory Nespole said Tuesday that consumers paid a premium for spring water and received "common groundwater.''

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The Rumford Water District has signed a deal with Poland Spring Water Co., that will allow it to draw up to 150 million gallons of water per year for 15 years, from two district wells.

But Water District Superintendant Brian Gagnon says, under the deal, the town's needs will come first. "We come first, and we're holding an amount of up to a million gallons a day that would be used for the townspeople."

Susan Sharon / Maine Public

Bottled water is more popular than ever — last year, for the first time, sales surpassed those of soda. That thirst is boosting sales of Poland Spring, Maine’s best known brand and the fourth leading brand in the country.

Poland Spring is looking to expand.

A continuing surge in the sale of bottled water has the company looking for two new sources of spring water and making plans for a fourth bottling facility somewhere in western Maine or northeast of Bangor.

LEWISTON, Maine - Poland Spring is proposing to expand its water withdrawal operations to Rumford.  The company pitched its plan to the Rumford Water District at a meeting Wednesday night. 

The plan calls for a long-term contract to withdraw up to 150 million gallons from two well sites in the Ellis River watershed.  Mark Dubois is the natural resource manager for the company. "We believe we can sustainably withdraw spring water up there while the district maintains its commitment to serve ratepayers."

FRYEBURG, Maine - Maine's supreme court has upheld regulatory approval of a contract allowing Fryeburg Water Co. to sell water to the parent company of Poland Springs.

The Maine Public Utilities Commission approved the contract between the privately owned utility and Nestle Waters after concluding the deal could benefit ratepayers.

In its decision, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court unanimously ruled Thursday that there was no abuse of discretion or violation of statutory provision.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Poland Spring Water is increasingly using trains to move its bottled water from Maine to markets in Massachusetts.

The company on Friday will begin shipping containers on trains from a previously unused intermodal facility in Waterville. Trucks will be hauling the containers to Waterville from the company's bottling plant in Kingfield.

The trains will travel to the Portland waterfront, where railroad crews will add additional Poland Spring containers hauled there by truck from the company's bottling plant in Hollis.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Supporters of bottled water giant Poland Spring turned out in force Monday for a public hearing on a bill calling for a penny-per-gallon tax on companies that extract more than a million gallons of water in Maine each year.

This is the third time such a bill has been put forward in the Maine Legislature.