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An audit committee for the University of Maine's Board of Trustees is strongly defending university leadership and the process it used to award negotiating rights for a big new energy contract. The committee acted after a newspaper report raised questions about the possible role of insider information in the award.

The University of Maine class that starts this fall will be the biggest in the Orono school’s history.

More than 2,500 new students have put down their deposits to start this year — that’s about 50 more than last year, when the entering class was also the largest ever.

That growth comes from increasing numbers of out-of-state and international students. UMaine Provost Jeff Hecker says it comes down in part to the school’s program that matches the tuition of several states’ flagship public universities, and in part to marketing.

ORONO, Maine - The University of Maine is welcoming the largest incoming class in its history this fall.

The Orono university's new class will have 2,300 students. The fall semester for the class of 2020 starts on Monday.

The university says the incoming class is 56 percent Maine residents and the rest are from elsewhere. The school says the number of in-state students is comparable to last year, and the number of out-of-state students has been growing.

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) _ Peace negotiator and former U.S. Senate leader George Mitchell and current Sen. Susan Collins are keynote speakers as the University of Maine System commencements.

PORTLAND, Maine - Officials at the University of Maine's flagship campus at Orono say its incoming class this September will be more than 20 percent bigger than last year's.

About 2,500 students paid their deposit fees by the May 1 deadline - that's up from about 2,000 students in 2015.

PORTLAND, Maine - A new University of Maine incentive for out-of-state students is helping to boost student applications so much that the school has started its first wait list in years.

UMaine is offering out-of-state students a special rate that matches the tuition they would pay at their home-state's flagship public school - UMass Amherst, for instance, in Massachusetts. Usually, out-of-state students pay tuition far higher than in-state rates.

ORONO, Maine - Susan Hunter will be staying on for another year as president of the University of Maine at Orono.

Hunter, a cell biologist, began her career in Orono as an adjunct professor in 1987 and is the first woman to lead the university system's flagship campus.

ORONO, Maine_ One in three  Americans over age 65 will suffer a potentially serious fall this year, with an average hospitalization cost of $30 thousand dollars. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, older men and women are at increased risk of death due to falls with each decade of life that passes.  But a new device under development in Maine hopes to alter those outcomes.

ORONO, Maine - A new report from the University of Maine highlights the effects of climate change being felt in Maine, such as intense precipitation events, warming temperatures in the atmosphere and ocean, and rising sea levels.  

ORONO, Maine - A data breach discovered Feb. 10 has exposed the sensitive information of nearly 1,000 current and past students at University of Maine.

"What we know is that a University of Maine laptop computer and media card, used by a faculty member, were stolen from a checked bag," says Margaret Nagle, public relations director for the University of Maine.

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ORONO, Maine - The University of Maine at Orono will cut $7 million from its budget in fiscal year 2016.  Administrators made the announcement at a morning meeting on campus, where they asked faculty and staff in different departments for feedback on where to come up with the cuts.


ORONO, Maine (AP) _ Researchers at the University of Maine are receiving $700,000 in grants to develop environmentally friendly particleboard panels.

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AUGUSTA, Maine - At a confirmation hearing next week, state lawmakers are likely to spend time probing the views of one of Gov. Paul LePage's recent appointments to the University of Maine board of trustees. Susan Dench heads the Informed Women's Network, a Falmouth-based group that encourages women to join together and advocate for conservative ideals. Dench is also a former blogger for the Bangor Daily News, and it's a column she wrote on the influence of feminism in schools that's generating controversy.


AUGUSTA, Maine — An increase in the number of out-of-state students enrolled in University of Maine System schools this fall is providing a financial boost for the cash-strapped system.

The Portland Press Herald reports that as of Aug. 10 commitments from out-of-state students — who pay nearly three times the in-state tuition — are up 12 percent over the same time last year.

More than 1,500 new out-of-state students will attend the system's seven campuses, 162 more than last year.

ORONO, Maine (AP) _ Four University of Maine football players including projected starting quarterback Daniel Collins are facing alcohol violations - and anticipated discipline by the university.

Acadia National Park rangers charged three players with underage drinking at Sand Beach over the weekend. A fourth, who's 21, was cited for drinking in area where alcohol is prohibited.

Coach Jack Cosgrove said the players face discipline for violating the student-athlete code of conduct.