Verizon says its decision to pull wireless services Down East will affect only a few hundred customers, and not 2000, as had been reported earlier this week. But some critics say that number is still too high.

In an email, corporate spokesman David Weissmann says the company’s termination notice will take effect on Oct. 17, and affects only 213 customers.

Still, Jason Sulham says that’s unacceptable.

“One customer as far as we’re concerned is one customer too many,” he says.

Law enforcement agencies in eastern Maine are criticizing a decision by Verizon Wireless to terminate cell service due to excessive cost. Police say the company’s decision will have an adverse effect on their work, and on the ability of residents to call 911.

Verizon officials remained tight-lipped Wednesday regarding the actual number of dropped customers, which some sources say could be as high as 2,000.

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After inking a multimillion dollar upgrade with a Maine firm to expand and improve cellphone service in Washington County, Verizon Wireless is hanging it up in eastern Maine.

The company has sent letters to 2,000 customers in Washington County urging them to sign new contracts with competing cellphone service providers by Oct. 17, if they wish to retain their current cellphone numbers.

BRUNSWICK, Maine (AP) _ Police in Brunswick say a problem with emergency calls placed from Verizon Wireless phones has been fixed.