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AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine Republican Party officials have decided to extend their efforts to place tax and welfare reform ballot questions before the voters by waiting until November of next year.

It’s Thursday and time to talk Maine politics. In this week’s edition of Across the Aisle, Cynthia Dill, an attorney with the Portland firm of Troubh Heisler and former Democratic state senator, Meredith Strang Burgess of Burgess Advertising and Marketing, a former Republican legislator, and Dick Woodbury, an economist who served as an independent state senator.

AUGUSTA, Maine -- Organizers of a petition drive to force a statewide vote on marijuana legalization say that when Monday's deadline arrives to submit their signature petitions to the secretary of state, they'll be ready.

David Boyer, of the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, says his signature gatherers have already surpassed the required 61,000-signature threshold to place the question before the voters this fall.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine Senate President Mike Thibodeau has written Attorney General Janet Mills asking her opinion on whether the citizen initiative before the Legislature that would establish ranked choice voting in the state is constitutional.

“If the Attorney General were to come back with her opinion being that it is in violation of the constitution, that may be the next logical step, reaching out to the Supreme Court.” Thibodeau says.

AUGUSTA, Maine - The group "Stand Up for Students" says it has collected 95,000 petition signatures in support of an initiative measure designed to generate more money for Maine public schools.

The group wants the state to impose a 3 percent income tax surcharge on the top 2 percent of wage earners in the state. The group says that would generate another $157 million for schools in its first year and more in subsequent years.

John Costin owns Veneer Services Unlimited in Kennebunk and is an advisory committee member of the Maine Small Business Coalition.