Your Vote 2017


  • Question 1: York County Casino
    • Yes, 57,230 - 17 percent
    • * No, 285,074 - 83 percent
    • 570 of 584 precincts - 98 percent
  • Question 2: Medicaid Expansion
    • * Yes, 202,456 - 59 percent
    • No, 141,033 - 41 percent
    • 570 of 584 precincts - 98 percent
  • Question 3: Transportation Bond
    • * Yes, 246,064 - 72 percent
    • No, 95,560 - 28 percent
    • 570 of 584 precincts - 98 percent
  • Question 4: Constitutional Amendment
    • * Yes, 208,094 - 63 percent
    • No, 122,325 - 37 percent
    • 570 of 584 precincts - 98 percent



  • In Portland, voters decided whether to:
    • Rehabilitate four schools, two schools, or none. (read more here)
    • Establish tenants' rights and rent stabilization measures. (read more here)
  • In Lewiston and Auburn, voters decided whether to consolidate municipalities into Lewiston-Auburn. (read more here)

Scroll down for more stories on Maine's 2017 elections, which took place Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Abukar Adan / Maine Public

A proposed ordinance to control rent and curb evictions in Portland sparked a heated debate during a City Council hearing Wednesday night.  But opponents' arguments failed to sway the council, which voted to put the item on the November ballot.

Patty Wight / Maine Public

Mainers for Health Care officially launched their campaign to expand Medicaid though a ballot initiative this November.

Dr. Elizabeth Rothe, a family medicine physician at Central Maine Medical Center, says expanding the insurance program will not only help an estimated 70,000 Mainers, it will also help hospitals.

"Caring for patients who cannot pay their bills puts hospital budgets in the red," Rothe says. "It jeopardizes jobs, departments, and even entire hospitals. Maine needs to expand Medicaid."

Mal Leary / Maine Public

A group of Republican lawmakers, and former GOP party chairman Rick Bennett, are questioning the wording of the citizen initiated ballot question expanding Medicaid coverage.

The group says the proposed wording talks about Medicaid as health insurance instead of what they say it is — a welfare program. They want all references to insurance out of the ballot question. 

Nora Flaherty / Maine Public/file

A new fight is brewing in Portland over whether renters deserve new protections in one of the hottest real estate markets in the nation. But the fight might not be playing out on the Nov. 7 ballot, even if petitions delivered to City Hall Monday are validated as sufficient.

Fair Rent Portland, a Portland rent reform group, says it has enough signatures to put a rent control ordinance on the Portland City ballot this fall.

The proposed ordinance would cap the amount that certain landlords could increase their rent each year, and includes other renter protections.

The group plans to deliver the signatures to the City Clerk on Monday.

Patty Wight / Maine Public

More than 100 Auburn residents attended a public hearing last night at Central Maine Community College on whether their city should merge with neighboring Lewiston to become one city.

Robert F. Bukaty / Associated Press/file

Maine lawmakers Thursday night enacted a $105 million transportation bond that voters will consider in November. 

But a research and development bond, and one to fund student loan debt forgiveness, failed to get enough support. Both are tabled in the House.

“We could have let it go today or we could let it stay there to give it another chance when we come back on August second, to anticipating some vetoes that will be on our desk,” said House Speaker Sara Gideon.

Robert F. Bukaty / Associated Press/file

Three of the four political action committees supporting a controversial casino campaign have failed to meet Monday's deadline to file updated finance reports with the state. 

Joel Page / Associated Press/file

A slow response to subpoenas and disputes over documents could delay the investigation into the controversial campaign seeking to convince voters to support a casino in York County.

Joel Page / Associated Press/file

Staff for the Maine Ethics Commission is recommending an investigation into a shadowy casino campaign designed to benefit a controversial gambling developer.

Joel Page / Associated Press/file

AUGUSTA, Maine - The Miami woman who has been leading a controversial ballot campaign to build a casino in York County says the campaign did not intentionally mislead the Maine Ethics Commission when it failed to report its true funding sources.

Lisa Scott released a press statement Friday saying the Horseracing Jobs Fairness Campaign did not fully understand Maine's disclosure law.

State lawmakers are considering a move that could draw the backers of a controversial casino proposal out of the shadows.

The leading Democrat and Republican on the Legislature’s Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee say they hope a public hearing on the York County casino referendum will help answer several questions about the campaign and a gambling developer with a checkered past.

Patty Wight / Maine Public/file

PORTLAND, Maine - A citizen initiative to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act has qualified for the November 2017 ballot. 

The Secretary of State's office certified more than 66,000 signatures that were collected from October to January.

A view from the James B. Longley Bridge between Lewiston and Auburn.
Susan Sharon/Maine Public

Tell someone in Maine you’re going to L-A and they’ll know right away you don’t mean Los Angeles. You’re talking about the other L-A: Lewiston-Auburn.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage says greed is behind a well-funded proposal to build a new casino in southern Maine that has qualified for the ballot in November.
The governor said on WVOM-FM on Tuesday Maine doesn't have the "critical mass'' to support a third casino alongside Bangor and Oxford casinos. LePage has criticized the campaign's past efforts and says the proposal will hurt Maine's economy.