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Steve Mistler / Maine Public

Republican state Sen. Garrett Mason formally launched his gubernatorial campaign before an enthusiastic crowd of about 100 people at an event in Lewiston Thursday.

The 32-year-old Lisbon Falls resident and Senate majority leader vowed to pursue an aggressive conservative agenda — cutting taxes, shrinking government and ending what he said was a divisive political climate in Augusta.

Courtesy Garrett Mason / via Facebook

Republican state Sen. Garrett Mason will formally launch his campaign for governor at an event in Lewiston Thursday.

Mason originally planned to announce his candidacy earlier this month. But he postponed the kickoff after the sudden death of his mother, former state Rep. Gina Mason.

The Senate Majority leader turned 32 in June. But he has risen quickly in the Maine GOP since first being elected to the Legislature seven years ago.

Mason is Christian and he has benefited from a religious block of voters that routinely punches above its weight in Maine elections.

Steve Mistler / Maine Public

Maine Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins outlined the two factors she's weighing before making a decision about a run for a governor during a question-and-answer session at York County Community College Friday.

Mal Leary / Maine Public

Maine House Republican Leader Ken Fredette has joined the growing field of candidates for governor — his campaign slogan is “stay the course.”

"What that means is continuing to hold the line on spending, continuing to drive down our income tax rate, looking at strategic investments in the state that will move the state forward," he says.

Fredette says he wants to build on the successes of Gov. Paul LePage and give voice to rural Maine.

Steve Mistler / Maine Public

Democratic State Rep. Jared Golden, of Lewiston, announced Thursday that he’s running for the 2nd Congressional District seat currently held by Republican U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin.

Golden, 34, is the assistant majority leader in the Maine House of Representatives, where he is in the middle of his second term.

He is a veteran of the U.S. Marines, serving four years with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.