I LOVE Maine Public! Written Testimonials

I have been a public radio junkie since I first heard Susan Stamberg laugh on ATC in my kitchen in Columbia Maryland in 1973. I wanted her to come live with me. My radio has been tuned to Public Radio everywhere I lived thereafter: Santa Fe, Baltimore, and in the last ten years to Maine Public in Down East and Portland Maine; and in my car where I change from one station to another, suffering static, as I take trips. I am proud to have been a member since the beginning.

From the time I was a teenager many years ago, I would be awakened by my mother's clock radio tuned to Morning Edition, Bob Edwards was host. I would know it was time to get up and go to work as a waitress at The Ocean Point Inn, in East Boothbay. Still living with my parents, summers, my mother would have Morning Pro Musica on with Robert J. Lurtsema's bird songs and music.

Friday afternoons is my time to open up the windows, clean my house, and listen to Down Memory Lane. Thirty-six years after the birth of my daughter, I had open heart surgery on a Friday morning. She knew that 2:00 was Mom's time to listen to the radio and made sure that a device that would play Maine Public was in my hospital room. Just like clockwork I awoke after surgery to Kenny G and Toby and knew all was well. Maine Public thanks for being there all these years.

We love to listen to Maine Public at home and in the car. I especially enjoy Maine Calling and Writer's Almanac — both interesting, helpful and uplifting. The music is great and the shows informative. Thanks Maine Public!

I came to Maine as a back-to-the -lander in the early 70s. The shabby house we reclaimed had no phone, electricity or running water and was at the end of a long dirt road. It sat on a small mountain and our land backed into a game preserve. My link to the outside world was my battery-operated radio. Every weekday morning the day started with Robert J Lurtzema and Morning Pro Music. First came the birdsong, followed by a fragment of music for each day of the week. When the days were warm enough for the big kitchen windows to be open, the cow would make a point of grazing right outside for the first hour or two. Robert J programmed his music chronologically, however, and the more modern the music got, the further she drifted down the pasture. By eleven she was out of sight.

I'm a city-dweller now and I suppose I must have been listening to classical music on MPBN for over 40 years.  I've been proud to be a member nearly that long. When I heard the station was spinning off the classical music to HD channels and airing more news and "talk radio" (ugh) I was very sad. I figured I'd never get the new equipment or stream music from my computer. But someone at the station actually helped me find the right kind of radio and now I DO shift back and forth. All Things Considered is still a main-stay to me, but I love the wider range of classical programing that's now available - and it's there for more of the times I can actually listen.

I do have problems getting the classical HD stations in my car as I drive through the State. The coverage seems inconsistent so far. But when I hear the growing (almost ridiculously long!) list of HD stations, I know that soon that problem will be solved too.

So yes: I love Maine Public Radio. In this time of lies, half-truths and buried facts I know I can trust the news coverage. And during the term of a president (lower case intentional) who has no respect for any of the arts, Maine Public Classical is a more important anchor than ever.

I love everything about the Maine Public Classical Stream! I listen to it when I am home, and I listen to it at work, when I am at my computer, and it makes every day more special. The music is interesting and soothing, and fills my soul. I also enjoy the quick news and weather updates. I often learn something new about classical music or different composers from the Hosts. Thank you very much!

There are numerous reasons why I love Maine Public. Maine public keeps me current. Programs such as NPR Politics, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, and Maine Calling keep me in touch with the ebb and flow of our national and local politics. Maine Public keeps me humble. The Moth, and Radiolab introducing me to hundreds of people with thousands of different experiences. Maine Public keeps me familiar. Growing up, it was all my Dad ever listened to in the car, and it still is. Now, a grown man myself, it's all I listen to. Maine Public Classical introduces me to the triumphs of humanity, from lands I may never visit. It expands my horizons every time I listen.

Life Unthinkable Without Maine Public

My daily life would be severely impoverished without Maine Public Radio. From the headlines and I routinely tune into while making breakfast at 7:00 a.m. to "On Point" at 10 with Tom Ashbrook's probing questions to distinguished experts, to "All Things Considered" at 4:00 p.m., to Terry Gross with "Fresh Air" at 7:00 p.m. to Sarah Willis's showcasing her flawless taste in contemporary music at 8:00, MPBN offers continuously thought-provoking and informative programming. And there's plenty of weekend fun stuff as well: most conspicuously for me "Wait, Wait! Don't Tell Me!" featuring the mordant wit of Peter Sagal.

Double the pleasure: music when I want a break from the news, news & commentary when I need to know.

Thanks for all you do to make radio worth listening to in Maine.

I can’t imagine life without Maine Public. I remember when "educational television" started in Maine. I took some elementary French lessons on the new TV station and went on to major in French at Bates. An introductory computer science show called "Bits & Bytes" helped me (a Baby Boomer) start to understand the basics of computer lingo and function. I looked forward to the birdsongs that started each Morning Pro Musica broadcast with Robert J. Lursema on Maine Public Radio. I’m a history buff, and have enjoyed the many wonderful series on Masterpiece, American Experience, Ken Burns' films, and other historical documentaries. And last but not least, I have always loved the many mystery genre offerings, from Agatha Christie inspired Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple stories to the various interpretations of Sherlock Holmes. Thanks for the objective and detailed reporting of news and worthwhile broadcasts of events in the arts and humanities. What’s not to love re: Maine Public? Keep up the good work, and I hope you will be an inspiration to other networks.

I have followed Maine Public Television and Radio for all of my Adult Life. My children grew up watching all of the channel 10 children shows. I watch Public Television almost exclusively. I begin with the nightly News Hour and move on from there. I would be lost and less informed and enriched without [you].

So.. the old desert island question applies here! Yes, I would want Maine Public - all of it... news, music (classical and other,) insightful and essential programming with me on said island.
I turn my radio on around 6AM and it is with me the better part of the day into later evening!
Thank you for such a valuable, critical gift!

So.. the old desert island question applies here! Yes, I would want Maine Public - all of it... news, music (classical and other,) insightful and essential programming with me on said island.
I turn my radio on around 6AM and it is with me the better part of the day into later evening!
Thank you for such a valuable, critical gift!

I love classical music, which I hear in Portland on 104.1, I love non-sensationalized news, which I hear on 90.1, I love Toby Leboutillier, who I first started listening to Friday afternoons, and I love all the tv stations we now have like mpbn, create, world and children's programming we have 2 young kids)!

I have been in Ireland for 5 months and missing Maine Public Broadcasting. When I am home in Maine, the dial on my car radio is always set to 90.1 and I love the variety of programming. The classical music is my favorite companion when I drive. Keep up the good work!