I LOVE Maine Public! Written Testimonials

I Love Maine Public Radio

I think it’s important to supporting organizations like Maine Public radio because it brings real stories and programs that are educational for all those that can hear radio. The first thing I do in the morning is turn on the radio to listen to NPR- It starts my day. But there are so many programs that bring back amazing memories of guests, and programs too many to name. It would be a shame to not continue any program that educates people.

Maine Public has always been a part of my life:

Childhood — Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, The Electric Company...

Teen — Are you being served, The Red Green Show, Red Dwarf...

Adult — Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, This American Life, BBC World, The Moth...

Thank you!

I love Maine Public! It is like a friend, telling me what I need to know in an intelligent, thorough way. It entertains me, it teaches me and it allows me to listen to varied music programs on my HD radio. We have 11 radios in our house and my friend is with me wherever I go. The car radios are tuned to Maine Public and I spend many moments in the garage or parking lots waiting politely while my friend finishes a story. I am very careful to feed my friend regularly! May I introduce my friend to you?

My name is Mary Warner and I live in Holden, Maine. Maine Public radio has been a regular part of my day since moving to Maine 32 years ago. Morning Edition and All Things Considered keep us apprised of what's happening in the state and around the world, while Maine Public Classical is our only available source of classical music on the radio. Maine Public Classical is our constant companion in the car, as is ATC during my commute home in the evening. It's a unique resource in the state of Maine. We can't imagine a day without Maine Public Radio!

Thornton Academy loves Maine Public for the high quality reporting and educational resources that it provides our students and staff!

I love, and support, Maine Public because, with all the misinformation going around these days, I know I’m getting the most accurate, unbiased and in-depth reporting available. I hope Maine Public will always be around!

Like family! The radio is so often on (almost always) only to 90.1. We watch the News Hour faithfully — and many special programs. Cannot imagine life without Maine Public!!!! You are the best.

Why I Love Maine Public

I don’t love Maine Public; I need it as I need oxygen to clean the air of fake and fraudulent news and frivolous trivia that flood the commercial air waves in rural areas. Public Broadcasting is the only source of actual information to be found in many areas. The fact that it is also entertaining is icing on the cake. Maybe this is a bit like telling people that they should eat their vegetables, but you know, they should. And they taste good, too.

William & Rogette Goodhue of Welshpool Campobello Island New Brunswick reel in 89.7 and, with favorable wind and so on, occasionally WRMO.

Your offerings often assist us in the navigation of our days & the sincerity in the voices of your hosts/commentators continually make these "windows" special for us. For instance, when Mother Nature is batting last, the likes of Irwin and Lou genuinely sound concerned for their listeners.

I live across the Border (N.B.) and get Main Public Radio clear as a bell. I listen every day and love it all especially on the weekends: Wait Wait Don't Tell Me; Sarah Willis's music show, the short stories. I am journalist, worked for the CBC (radio and t.v.) but can only get CBC radio sometimes. Maine Public Radio fills my days with entertainment, news and sometimes humor. Thank you.

As new year-round arrivals we depend on the information you provide us of the state issues, problems, people, needs, etc. This gives us a sense of belonging to the community we live in. The national and world news are critical and we depend on them. Your Classical new station is excellent, better than Philadelphia's. We do love you and thanks.

I love Maine Public for the variety of programming from classical to unbiased reporting of the news. In this time of "fake news" it's reassuring to know that Maine Public does in-depth reporting and presents opposing points of view allowing listeners to come to their own conclusions. I support Maine Public and will continue to do so.

Like family! The radio is so often on (almost always) only to 90.1. We watch the News Hour faithfully- and many special programs. Cannot imagine life without Maine Public!!!! You are the best.

I love Maine Public because of the variety of radio programs it brings me - news, entertainment, music. I listen every day!

Thanks for being there.