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In Complete Reversal, LePage Rescinds Letters Withdrawing Judges' Nominations

After withdrawing his nominations of five judges over the weekend, Gov. Paul LePage Monday reversed himself and rescinded the letters withdrawing the nominations.

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It's fair to say things were not supposed to go this way at the Venice Marathon.

It would've been little surprise if Kenya's Gilbert Kipleting Chumba had won the race Sunday — or maybe it could have been his countryman David Kiprono Metto. And, in fact, both of those favorites were among the leaders roughly 16 miles into the marathon.

Then, they took a wrong turn.

Look who's talking.

Former FBI Director James Comey, who has cultivated a low public profile since his surprise firing last May, confirmed Monday that he is the author of a Twitter account that was previously anonymous — and signaled that he is going to rejoin the national conversation.

Comey tweeted an image of himself standing alone, along the roadside in Iowa, writing, "On the road home. Gotta get back to writing. Will try to tweet in useful ways."

A military judge is pressing prosecutors on whether Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl can receive a fair trial after comments made by President Trump.

At a sentencing hearing Monday, Army Col. Jeffrey Nance spent the better part of an hour on the subject, reports NPR's Greg Myre, following a renewed motion by the defense to dismiss because of comments by Trump that could constitute "undue command influence" on the court-martial.

Former Fox News star Megyn Kelly delivered a blistering rebuke to disgraced former Fox host Bill O'Reilly on Monday. She said that despite his claims that there were no complaints about his behavior, she had personally spoken with network heads about O'Reilly's history of sexual harassment and his public treatment of women who step forward about workplace abuse.

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The developers of a new $69 million waste-to-energy plant in Hampden say steel for the 144,000-square-foot building is expected to arrive this week, and that plans are on track for an April 1 opening.

Speaking to members of the Maine Resource Recovery Association in Brewer, Craig Stuart-Paul, CEO of Fiberight LLC, the company that will run the facility, said roadwork and other site preparation targets have been completed ahead of schedule.

PORTLAND, Maine - The ferry between Portland and Nova Scotia carried more passengers in 2017 than it did the year before, but an engine problem put a damper on what was expected to be an even bigger spike.
The Portland Press Herald reports that The Cat ferry transported more than 41,000 people from the end of May to Oct. 15, a 17 percent increase over last year. But Mark MacDonald, CEO of the company that operates the ferry, says they were expecting rides to double until an engine failure in June forced a cutback on trips.

PHIPPSBURG, Maine - A Maine fisherman says it was a slow day on the water when he started to wonder if there was a way to bring a little life back to the dead fish he was using as bait.
The result was Zombait - a device that is inserted into the throat of a dead fish to make it wiggle back and forth, simulating the movement of live fish and, hopefully, attracting large fish like tuna, grouper and striped bass.

More than 200 scientists say Congress should protect federal sustainable fishing laws in advance of a key hearing about the future of the way the government manages fisheries.
The Senate commerce committee is holding a hearing on Tuesday about reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act. The act is the main law governing U.S. fisheries.

One day after a Dubai court ordered Scottish tourist Jamie Harron to spend three months in jail over touching a man on his hip or rear end as he passed him in a bar, Dubai's ruler has ordered Harron freed. The case had generated calls for a boycott against the United Arab Emirates city.

The State Department has reportedly revoked a visa for British citizen Bill Browder, a hedge fund manager turned human rights activist responsible for the Magnitsky Act. The 2012 U.S. law is aimed at punishing Russian officials believed responsible for the death in a Moscow prison of Sergei Magnitsky, who was allegedly beaten and denied medical care.

The canceling of Browder's visa came on the same day that the Kremlin issued yet another international arrest warrant for him via Interpol.


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