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At Oak Hill, Phys Ed Has Set The Bar For New Education Standards

In Oak Hill High School’s efforts to implement new, proficiency-based graduation requirements, one department is held up as a prime example of what this new kind of education should look like. It’s not math, English or science — but physical education.

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Students at the Fourteenth Street School in Bangor hosted U.S. Sen. Susan Collins Friday during a special ceremony recognizing the school’s recent designation as a National Blue Ribbon School.

Collins presented the school and students with a copy of her Congressional Record Statement honoring the school’s ongoing academic excellence. She said Fourteenth Street, one of three Maine schools to receive the award, was among 342 schools nationally to achieve Blue Ribbon recognition.

The latest statistics on child labor are in — and they're not encouraging.

An estimated 152 million children around the globe are doing work that prevents them from getting an education or that's harmful to their health. That's almost 1 in 10 children worldwide.

The figures, which cover 2016, were released this week in a report by the United Nation's International Labour Organization.

Here are eight more takeaways:

Maine’s unemployment rate fell slightly in October, to 3.5 percent. That’s down from 3.7 percent in September and 3.9 percent a year ago, state labor officials say.

Unemployment remains historically low in Maine, with the rate at or below 4 percent for 25 consecutive months, officials say.  During 2017, the number of individuals unemployed in Maine has fallen by 2,200, to 25,000.

Unemployment also remains low in other states throughout the New England region, ranging from a low of 2.7 percent in New Hampshire to a high of 4.5 in Connecticut.

The tiny nation of Denmark has just three stations for monitoring atmospheric radiation. Each week, scientists change out air filters in the detectors and take the used ones to a technical university near Copenhagen.

There, Sven Poul Nielsen and other researchers analyze the filters. They often snag small amounts of naturally occurring radioactivity, radon for example.

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President Trump lashed out on Twitter on Thursday night against Sen. Al Franken, who has been accused by a Los Angeles radio host of sexually assaulting her. Leeann Tweeden, a former model, was on a USO tour with Franken in 2006, before he was a senator, when the incident occurred. She also produced a photo of Franken posed with his hands on her chest as she slept.

PORTLAND, Maine - Sen. Susan Collins is joining a pair of Democratic senators to call for a review of the Environmental Protection Agency's operation of air quality monitoring networks.
Collins, a Maine Republican, is joining Rhode Island Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse and Delaware Democratic Sen. Tom Carper on the request. They say they want the Government Accountability Office to conduct a "top-to-bottom review'' of the EPA's air quality monitoring work.

Independent U.S. Sen. Angus King has called on the Senate to fund federally qualified health centers, a month after they lost 70 percent of their federal funding and amid talks about layoffs and cutbacks in services starting in January.

“If we leave at the end of the year and haven’t done this, it will be a tragedy for rural America, it will be a betrayal of rural America, it will be a betrayal of our constituents,” he says.

Senior White House adviser and son-in-law to the president Jared Kushner failed to hand over to Senate investigators emails concerning contacts with WikiLeaks and a "Russian backdoor overture," according to a letter sent by two senior lawmakers.

The letter, released Thursday by Sen. Chuck Grassley, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and its ranking Democrat, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, says Kushner failed to turn over "September 2016 email communications to Mr. Kushner concerning WikiLeaks" and other emails pertaining to a "Russian backdoor overture and dinner invite."

CONCORD, N.H. - The U.S. Department of Energy has granted a key permit for a transmission project that would carry hydropower from Canada to energy markets in southern New England.
The awarding of a presidential permit Thursday would let the $1.6 billion Northern Pass project take hydropower across an international border and connect to the U.S. grid if the project is approved. It's the latest sign of progress for a 192-mile project debated for years.

Ask people in Canada what they make of U.S. health care, and the answer typically falls between bewilderment and outrage.

Canada, after all, prides itself on a health system that guarantees government insurance for everyone. And many Canadians find it baffling that there's anybody in the United States who can't afford a visit to the doctor.


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