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Susan Collins Under Fire For Confirming Judge Who Earned Unanimous ‘Not-Qualified’ Rating

Earlier this week, Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins of Maine voted with the GOP-controlled Senate to confirm Judge Steven Grasz to a federal appeals court. She did so despite objections from LGBT and pro-choice groups, and a unanimous unqualified rating from The American Bar Association.

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WISCASSET, Maine - A woman has been arrested in Maine in connection with the death her fiance's 4-year-old granddaughter.

Britain's senior-most military officer is warning that an improving Russian navy poses risks to undersea communications and Internet cables, saying any disruption could do "catastrophic" damage to the economy.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach said Britain and NATO need to prioritize protecting communications cables running along the seabed between countries and continents to prevent them being severed.

The man who police say intentionally rammed his car into a crowd of counterprotesters at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., this summer, now faces a first-degree murder charge. A judge upgraded the second-degree murder charge against James Fields Jr. at a preliminary hearing on Thursday.

The 20-year-old Ohio man has been in jail since his arrest on Aug. 12, when police say he accelerated into a group of people, killing Heather Heyer and injuring some three dozen others.

U.S. retailers are looking forward to a strong holiday season this year after new numbers show higher than expected sales for November.

The Commerce Department said Thursday that retail and food sales were up 5.8 percent last month over November 2016, according to advance estimates. And, sales were up a seasonally adjusted 0.8 percent from October of this year.

YORK, Maine - A Maine land trust says it has acquired more than 200 acres of forested land to create one of its largest preserves.
The York Land Trust says it's taking ownership of the 220-acre Fuller Forest property on Bartlett Road in York in southern Maine. The trust says the project is years in the making and protects a "vast working forest.''
The trust says the land will be managed for wildlife habitat, sustainable forestry work, recreation and other uses. The land has existing trails that are in the process of being incorporated into a large trail system.

President Trump is traveling to Quantico, Va., on Friday to speak with an unlikely audience: the latest graduating class at the Federal Bureau of Investigation's National Academy for law enforcement managers.

WINDHAM, Maine - A 9-year-old boy is being treated for serious injuries after falling about 20 feet while collecting icicles from the roof of a Maine apartment building.
The boy was unconscious when emergency responders arrived at the apartment in Windham on Thursday.

The boy's grandmother told police that he was out searching for icicles when she heard a noise outside. She went out to discover him on the ground in a narrow gap between two apartments.

The New York Times announced today that come January, it will have a new publisher. But the name at the top of the masthead won't be changing much.

The person who will replace Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. in helming the Gray Lady? His 37-year-old son, Arthur Gregg Sulzberger, known as A.G.

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As expected, the Federal Communications Commission has voted to overturn Obama-era rules that were designed to prevent internet service providers from, for instance, demanding higher payments to move data more quickly over their networks. Under net neutrality, internet service providers were required to treat all internet content the same.

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California fire officials say the massive Thomas Fire has claimed the life of a firefighter.

The body of Cory Iverson, a 32-year-old father from Escondido, Calif., was driven out of the fire zone in a procession as firefighters lined the road saluting in respect.


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