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How Well Do Maine Voters Understand Ranked-Choice Voting?

Question 5 on this year’s ballot proposes a dramatic overhaul of Maine’s election system called ranked-choice voting, and recent polls suggest Mainers are open to the using it to elect their governor, state legislators and members of Congress. But the biggest obstacle facing the Yes on 5 campaign isn’t well-funded opposition or even organized opposition — it’s voter confusion.
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PORTLAND, Maine - Officials in Maine's largest city are giving a property owner 30 days to move a pair of tiny houses they say are out of line with local land use codes.

Brent Adler planned to move tenants into the two small structures on Nov. 1. The little houses are on wheels and have about 400 square feet of living space each.

Adler is unsure of what to do with his nontraditional dwellings now. They are sitting on a lot in a densely populated part of the city featuring mostly multifamily housing, not far from City Hall.

PORTLAND, Maine - A marketing report released by a marine science institute finds that Maine's shellfish aquaculture industry is in a position to grow in value by a factor of more than four in the coming years.

Gulf of Maine Research Institute released the report on Wednesday. It states that Maine's aquaculture industry currently provides about $6.5 million in value and has the opportunity to grow to more $30 million by 2030.

Sounds, particularly those made by other humans, rank as the No. 1 distraction in the workplace. According to workplace design expert Alan Hedge at Cornell, 74 percent of workers say they face "many" instances of disturbances and distractions from noise.

"In general, if it's coming from another person, it's much more disturbing than when it's coming from a machine," he says, because, as social beings, humans are attuned to man-made sounds. He says overheard conversations, as well as high-pitched and intermittent noises, also draw attention away from tasks at hand.

PORTLAND, Maine — A Maine college is partnering with two Icelandic universities to build its reach in the North Atlantic and Arctic.

University of New England announced the partnership with University of Akureyri and Holar University College. It was signed during last week’s 2016 Arctic Circle Assembly.

Officials with the University of New England say the partnership will help grow new undergraduate exchange programs, develop international masters’ degree programs and foster cooperation on marine research.

PORTLAND, Maine - The Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting is out with an investigation:  "Single Parents in Poverty: The Crisis No One Will Name." Senior reporter Naomi Schalit documents how a 500 percent rise in births to unmarried women has driven up the state's poverty rate, posed new challenges for schools, and threatens to darken Maine's future.

We keep hearing that this election is like no other, but when I watch old movies, I often hear echoes of what's going on in the campaign.

The guy who opines in A Face in the Crowd (1957), say, that in the then-new age of television, "instead of long-winded public debates, people want capsule slogans."

There’s been a lot of attention lately about the possibility of election fraud. While state officials in Maine say instances of voter fraud are rare, there are a number of federal, state and local resources available on Election Day should voters have concerns.

“Every four years in connection with a presidential election the Department of Justice has a nationwide Election Day program which is designed to handle complaints,” says Don Clark, spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Maine.

The Pentagon is under fire following news reports that described how hundreds of National Guard members and veterans in California are being asked to pay back enlistment and re-enlistment bonuses they received during the height of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Pentagon now says some of those payments were improperly paid out. And the same recruitment program was also used in Maine.

When enrollment opens next week, shoppers in the Affordable Care Act’s online insurance marketplace will see, on average, double digit increases in premiums. Subsidies will help cushion the blow for most of the 84,000 Mainers who enrolled last year, but some consumers and small businesses will have to absorb the higher costs.

In case you needed more evidence of the toll this divisive campaign is taking on America, a new survey says more than a third of social media users are "worn out" by the amount of political content they encounter.


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