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Has Maine’s 15-Year School Technology Initiative Enhanced Learning?

Head into any 7th- or 8th-grade classroom in Maine, and you’ll see something you won’t see in any other state: every student holding a laptop. The free laptops, provided under Maine’s Learning Technology Initiative over the past 15 years, have been expanded to most high schools, as well. But has it changed learning?

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MILBRIDGE, Maine — A kayaker found by the U.S. Coast Guard not long after a search was suspended said a wave had knocked him out of his kayak and that he eventually was able to swim with the vessel and paddle to land after issuing a "mayday" call on his radio.

The Coast Guard said Thursday Adrian Cerezo was wearing a winter wetsuit and a life jacket, which helped him survive in the 49-degree water off the coast of Maine. He wasn't hurt.

Jennifer Capriola / East Shore Photography

It was less expensive to live in Maine, on average, than in the U.S. as a whole, in 2015.

In the Portland-South Portland area — one of Maine's three metropolitan areas — the cost of goods and services was just above the national average, however. Rent in this area was also almost 10 percent above the national average.

Comparatively, rents in Lewiston-Auburn were only about 80 percent of the national average and about 90 percent in Bangor.

Mass shootings in Orlando, Fla., Alexandria, Va., and San Francisco during the first two weeks of June — two of them on the same day — have once again put America's complicate

Health care advocates in Maine say the Senate bill released Thursday to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act would be disastrous for the state. Steve Butterfield of Consumers for Affordable Health Care says one problem is that it restricts Medicaid funding to a per person basis.

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The State Senate has supported legislation on a 31 to 4 vote, phasing in an increase in the legal age to buy and use tobacco to 21. Sen. Paul Davis, a Republican from Sangerville, sponsored the bill.

“It's peer pressure that controls people smoking. I believe that, especially when they are young. When they are in high school they want to be like the other boys, the other girls. They pick it up. It’s peer pressure," said Davis.

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PARIS — A French prosecutor says a man who was killed when he drove a car packed with arms and explosives into a police convoy had pledged allegiance to the leader of the Islamic State group.

Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins said Thursday the attacker had a huge cache of weapons both at home and in the vehicle used in Monday's rampage.

Molins said evidence from the investigation shows the suspect wanted to join IS forces in Syria and Iraq.

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The LePage administration is relaxing certain requirements for child care providers who look after children in their own homes, while unilaterally increasing the amount of money they receive for enrolling low-income children with state-funded subsidies.

The administration says it’s overhauling the way the state treats this particular type of child care setting because it wants to reverse a long-term decline in the number of in-home child care providers and make affordable child care more widely available in rural areas.

For the hundreds of rural U.S. hospitals struggling to stay in business, health policy decisions made in Washington, D.C., this summer could make survival a lot tougher.

Seventeen-year-old Nabra Hassanen was buried Wednesday after a funeral service packed with mourners. The service was held in the Northern Virginia community where she'd lived. An evening vigil organized by her high school's Muslim Student Association also drew throngs of people.

Hassanen was beaten and killed early Sunday morning as she walked back to her mosque after a pre-dawn meal with friends. Such meals are common during the month of Ramadan, when many Muslims fast from dawn to sundown.

Social media companies are under pressure to block terrorist activity on their sites, and Facebook recently detailed new measures, including using artificial intelligence, to tackle the problem.

The measures are designed to identify terrorist content like recruitment and propaganda as early as possible in an effort to keep people safe, says Monika Bickert, the company's director of global policy management.


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