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Jennifer Mitchell studied Music, English and Anthropology at Oberlin College and Conservatory in Ohio. She has worked as News Director for Peninsula Public Radio in Homer, Alaska, and served as news producer in Bangor for Maine Public Radio in 2004. Most recently, she spent four years working in South Africa as a producer, as well as classical music presenter in Cape Town.

Jennifer is a fan of open source computing, and music of all types, including old Victrola tunes, jazz, folk, world, goth and metal. When not on the air, she can be found researching 19th century social history. Her idea of a good time is several hours in a dank basement looking at old patent applications, newspaper archives, and original recipes for intriguing Victorian delights such as sheep's head soup and shadow potatoes.

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A 52 year old pilot was killed when his plane crashed shortly after take off from the airport in the York County town of Limington Saturday afternoon.

A commission of state and tribal representatives has found that the state of Maine did not always follow prescribed processes in its dealings with the Passamaquoddy tribe and its use of marine resources.

Gay and bisexual men, and their friends, turned out today to participate in a National Gay Blood Drive event at the American Red Cross donation center in Portland.

Michael Quint, a local organizer of the Gay Blood Drive event, says gay men were only able to donate blood at today's blood drive by proxy - meaning each person had to have a non-gay friend, or a woman, give the blood on their behalf. The ban does not extend to gay women.

Knox County's largest employer says it is raising its minimum salary from $8.25 to $10.10 an hour.

Pen Bay Healthcare Chief Operating Officer, Erik Frederick says the Rockport hospital's wage hike is part of an overall review of hospital salaries. Frederick says more positions will be receiving a salary increase in the next fiscal year, but he says the facility decided to fast track the increases for its lowest paid employees.

Courtesy: State of Maine

With several horrific moose-related road crashes recently, experts are warning motorists that moose are still out on Maine roadways  later than usual. And they pick times when they're difficult to see. But despite the rash of serious accidents, there appears to be some good news.

Jennifer Mitchell

It's sometimes said that farmers must be both gamblers and fortune tellers in order to be profitable: They need to take risks, try new things and stay ahead of market trends.  While Maine is known for its reliable, frost-hardy crops, climate change may have its own hand to play.

Library of Congress

Maine Country Music legend Betty Cody has died. Cody was 92, and is being remembered as the state's most recognized female singer, who opted out of her own career, to nurture a very musical family.

Jennifer Mitchell

We make another stop on our holiday road tour, where we take a look at some of the museums, attractions, and hidden gems around the state. Next, we travel north of Houlton to Littleton, Maine, and a museum that captures the region's rich farming history. 

Dean Girdis Downeast LNG CEO. Photo by Telegraph Journal.
Telegraph Journal

The company that wants to build a gas import and export terminal in Washington County says it plans to file new preliminary paperwork with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) early this week.

"We'll also make applications to the Department of Energy for a free trade export authorization to export LNG, and a non-free trade," said Dean Girdis Downeast LNG CEO.

The company that wants to build a gas import and export terminal in Washington County says it plans to file new preliminary paperwork with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) early this week.

The state's fair season gets underway this week in Northern Maine.

The 274 acre community forest in Falmouth will be expanding by another 96 acres, thanks to a $231,800 Community Forest Program grant from the U.S. Forest Service. 

Marine scientists and representatives from the state gathered along the waterfront in Portland on Friday to announce a sixteen member panel, chosen to tackle what they say is a growing problem for shellfish producers: ocean acidification. 

The Columbus Foundation

 A pair of 15th century replica sailing ships are making the rounds in coastal Maine for another week or so before heading west.  Hailed as floating museums, the Nina and the Pinta are replicas of the ships used by Christopher Columbus in his famous 1492 expedition to the New World. Currently harbored in Camden, the ships are attracting visitors at the height of what's shaping up to be a promising summer season. Staci Coomers, Executive Director of Pen Bay Chamber of Commerce, says people seem to like them because they look like 'pirate ships.

Following Portland's recently passed plastics ordinance, the town of Kennebunk may be the next to impose a fee on the ubiquitous plastic shopping bags provided by retailers.   But Kennebunk would be taking a slightly different approach.  On advice from the Board of Selectman, the town's Energy Efficiency Committee will draft language for a non-binding resolution that could go to voters in the fall, if approved by the board.