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Nora is originally from the Boston area but has lived in Chicago, Michigan, New York City and at the northern tip of New York state. Nora began working in public radio at Michigan Radio in Ann Arbor and has been an on-air host, a reporter, a digital editor, a producer, and, when they let her, played records.

She holds a BA in Latin American Studies from the University of Chicago and an MA in Anthropology from the University of Michigan. She’s received Associated Press, Public Radio News Directors, Inc., Association of Women in Radio and Television, and Edward R. Murrow Awards for her work.

Nora lives in Portland with her husband, their daughter and their two dogs.

Ways to Connect

Middle school students in Lewiston will now be required to keep their cellphones turned off, from the start to the end of the school day.

Jana Mates is principal of Lewiston Middle School. She says while elementary schools in her district don't allow cellphones, the high school allows them at teachers' discretion, for things like doing research, online learning or listening to music between classes.

A job fair Tuesday will kick off Maine’s annual Hire-A-Vet campaign.

Auta Main, veterans program manager at the Maine Department of Labor, says veterans bring a very desirable skill set to any job.

“Even at a young age they become leaders, they’re often supervising 30 or 40 people when they’re 20 years old. They come with leadership skills, teamwork. They’re prompt, they show up on time, they’re disciplined. They love mission and purpose,” she says.

Cynthia Christman / NOAA

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is officially launching an investigation into the unusually high numbers of North Atlantic right whale deaths this year.

NOAA has declared an "Unusual Mortality Event," after at least 13 of the rare whales have been found dead this year off New England and Canada.

A District Court judge has found Laurie Young guilty of failing to yield to a 13-year-old boy crossing the street in Lewiston last November, the Sun-Journal reports.

Jayden Cho-Sargent was killed when Young hit him with her pickup truck.

The guilty verdict is for a civil violation, so there's no possibility of jail time. Judge Rick Lawrence sentenced Young to a three-year loss of license and a $3,000 fine. Of that fine, $2,000 can be satisfied by 200 hours of community service.

Community College students in Maine won't pay any more in the coming academic year than they did last year.

The Maine Community College System has announced that, thanks to increases in state funding, the cost for a full-time student will stay at about $3,600 per year.

Maine's workforce problems can't be solved without providing affordable higher education, says system Vice President and Chief Financial Officer David Daigler.

Susan Sharon / Maine Public/file

The Rumford Water District has signed a deal with Poland Spring Water Co., that will allow it to draw up to 150 million gallons of water per year for 15 years, from two district wells.

But Water District Superintendant Brian Gagnon says, under the deal, the town's needs will come first. "We come first, and we're holding an amount of up to a million gallons a day that would be used for the townspeople."

Maine’s portion of the Volkswagen settlement money will go toward increasing the state’s use of zero-emissions vehicles, lowering emissions from ports and rail yards, infrastructure like charging stations and grants to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.

The state is getting about $21 million of the $14.7 billion settlement Volkswagen is paying after it was charged with putting devices in some of its diesel vehicles that allowed it to “cheat” on emissions tests.

A new report from the advocacy group Disability Rights Maine looks at numbers from the state Department of Corrections, showing about a third of the young people committed to Long Creek Youth Development Center — the state’s only correctional facility for juveniles — came directly from residential mental health treatment programs.

Tristan Loper / Flickr/Creative Commons

Lois Lowry has written more than 40 books for kids and young adults, won a bevy of awards for her work and had one of her books, “The Giver,” made into a 2014 film starring Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep.

There have been a lot of rainy days over the last few months, but the National Weather Service says much of the state is still too dry.

"We started out the summer pretty wet, but in early July things took a turn - they really started drying out," says meteorologist Todd Foisey, of the National Weather Service office in Caribou, "and right now eastern Maine from about Houlton to Calais, Eastport, Machias, are in a moderate drought."

Foisey says much of eastern Maine from York County up to Aroostook County is also classified now as "abnormally dry."

Mal Leary / Maine Public/file

The court master who oversees the rights of mental health patients at Riverview Psychiatric Center says there have been improvements, but there's still some way to go before the Augusta psychiatric hospital is ready to operate without the intense scrutiny of a consent decree.

Dan Wathen has served as court master for Riverview, since 1990, when he was appointed as part of a settlement of a class-action lawsuit by former psychiatric patients.

Mark Fleming / Yankee Magazine

For just $3.7 million, you can now buy a historic 44 1/2-acre saltwater farm in North Brooklin, Maine, with a guesthouse, ponds and lovingly maintained gardens.

There has been something of a spider issue. But for potential buyers of this house, that’s a selling point.

Courtesy University of New England

The number of great white sharks may be increasing in the Gulf of Maine.