City Arts & Lectures

Wednesday, January 17 at 2:00 pm 

Charles Blow
In Conversation with Roy Eisenhardt

Charles M. Blow is an Op-Ed columnist at The New York Times where he tackles issues such as social justice, racial equality, presidential politics, police violence, gun control, and the Black Lives Matter Movement.  Blow is also a CNN commentator and a Presidential Visiting Professor at Yale, where he teaches a seminar on media and politics.  Blow joined The New York Times in 1994 as a graphics editor and quickly became the paper’s graphics director, a position he held for nine years. Mr. Blow went on to become the paper’s design director for news before leaving in 2006 to become the art director of National Geographic Magazine. Before coming to The Times, Mr. Blow had worked at The Detroit News.  He is the author of the critically acclaimed memoir, “The Fire Shut Up in My Bones,” which covers the abuse he suffered as a child growing up poor in rural Louisiana, and overcoming despair and isolation.