LePage Says He Might Not Certify Primary Results

2 hours ago

Maine law requires that the governor certify election results before they become official, but Gov. Paul LePage says he will not certify the results of Tuesday’s primary elections.

“I will not…certify ranked-choice voting because it is unconstitutional,” LePage says. “The Supreme Court has said it is unconstitutional.”

The State Supreme Court advised lawmakers that neither the governor nor a sheriff could be elected to office using ranked-choice voting, but said the state Constitution did not address primary elections.

LePage says ranked-choice voting violates the basic constitutional principle of one person, one vote.

Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap says LePage’s threat is academic, since certification is only required in an election, and today's vote is actually only a nomination of candidates.

Dunlap says LePage's certification does apply to the results of the ballot question on ranked-choice voting itself, and LePage says he might certify the results if the system is repealed.