Maine Energy Office Report Due Next Month

Dec 29, 2017

Gov. Paul LePage’s Energy Office has been holding listening sessions around the state in advance of a state energy plan due out next month.

Office Director Steve McGrath has only been on the job a few months, but says he is learning a lot about the energy sources used by Maine people. He says the listening sessions have been helpful in developing the forthcoming state energy plan.

“I was trying to get the best ideas that everybody had in the state to try and move the state forward and get us cheaper energy with less effect on our environment,” he says.

McGrath says the plan will take a broad look at state energy policy, at where we get our electricity and also look at how we heat our homes and businesses. He says the goal will be to reduce demand for energy by using more fuel-efficient lighting and heating systems.

McGrath praised the Efficiency Maine Trust for efforts to reduce electricity consumption.

“They’re using RGGI funds, Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative funds, to help Mainers pay for those lightbulbs that reduce their energy costs and electricity costs,” he says.

McGrath says the governor hopes the report will set the framework for energy policy debate in the Legislature and in the 2018 election season.