Maine Faith Leaders Occupy Susan Collins’ Lewiston Office

Dec 18, 2017

Maine faith leaders from several traditions occupied U.S. Sen. Susan Collins’ Lewiston office Monday in an effort to urge Collins’ to reject the GOP tax cuts.

The occupation follows weeks of activists protesting Collins’ support of the bill.

Supporters of the tax cut proposal, possibly the largest tax overhaul in decades, say it would benefit everyone. But Rabbi Erica Asch says she’s concerned about what she calls the untruths that are being told about what’s in the plan.

“It’s being branded as something that’s going to help the middle class, and really it’s a giveaway to corporations and the super wealthy. And I am concerned that in America, we’ve lost our understanding that we are all better when we help those who need help,” she says.

Asch was joined by about a dozen others to lead what they called “a moral witness.” For Rev. Stephen Carnahan, that meant challenging how things are being done.

“What if we began by considering, first of all, the needs of the poorest, the weakest and the smallest among us? Why can’t we have an economy that bubbles up rather than one that we hope will trickle down?” he says.

Both chambers of Congress have passed varying versions of the bill. Now they’ll have to reconcile the differences and pass a unified measure for President Donald Trump to sign into law.