Maine Jewish Group Holds Interfaith Vigil

Jul 16, 2014

The Jewish Community Alliance organized an interfaith vigil last night in Portland in response to the outbreak of attacks on Israel and the Gaza Strip.

The Hamas rocket attacks and Israeli air strikes followed the deaths of four teenagers. Louise Abramson of Falmouth says it makes her think about her 16-year-old son.

"I'm very troubled by what's happening." Abronson said. She expressed he hope that "we can all work toward peace and some understanding." She said the deaths of three kidnapped Israeli teens and the revenge killing of a Palestinian teen were "so unnecessary."

Local Muslim community leader Pious Ali said "Gatherings like this, where people will talk to people instead of pointing fingers is very important, irrespective of what conflict or where."

Other groups, including Peace Action Maine, and Maine Voices for Palestinian Rights, are planning a rally Friday afternoon in Portland. In an ad, the groups invite people to "come protest Israel's assault on Gaza."