Maine Utilities Making Headway In Massive Effort To Restore Power

Nov 3, 2017

Maine’s two major power companies say they are making headway in restoring service to homes and businesses after Sunday night's storm.

Central Maine Power is reporting about 122,000 outages and Emera Maine has reduced the number of without service to 24,000. 

On Monday, those numbers were close to half a million. Still, CMP President Sara Burns says the steady progress is no solace to those who are still waiting in the dark.

“I know if you are listening to me and have no power, so what…you have no power. You’re not happy. I want to say we are working around the clock.”

Both Burns and Emera Maine President Alan Richardson caution that progress may be slower in rural areas.

“The number of customers restored with each repair is generally smaller as you get into the more rural areas, you get to side roads," he says, "and you might be restoring one or two or five customers and still having to make two or three repairs.”

Officials with both utilities say they hope to have nearly all power restored by Saturday night.  Central Maine Power officials say that, as of Thursday, company has more than 2,000 people helping with that effort.

This story was originally published Nov. 2, 2017 at 2:27 p.m. ET.