Pop & Rock Music Scene

Aug 8, 2017

Credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/igorza76/

We survey the pop & rock music scene in Maine and get a preview of some upcoming festivals/concerts.

Guests: Spencer Albee, Portland based and nationally acclaimed singer, songwriter and producer. Since 1995, he has toured internationally, signed multiple record and publishing deals and worked with artists ranging from David Bowie to De La Soul.  Rolling Stone Magazine recently called Spencer a "21st Century master in the lost art of Beatlesque hooks."

Adam Gardner, Lead guitarist for Guster. He and his wife started the non-profit REVERB which works to green the music and concert industry.

Aimsel Ponti - Content producer and music writer at MaineToday.com; Local music director and host of Music from 207 at 98.9 WCLZ.