Portland to Vote on Clean Power Resolution

Feb 23, 2015

PORTLAND, Maine - Tonight the Portland City Council will take up a resolution that would support a proposed federal Clean Power Plan to reduce carbon pollution and strengthen federal ozone standards.

Jon, Hinck, one of the councilors who introduced the resolution, says it's important for cities to take a stance on clean air.

"It takes people like us who represent folks who have asthma, who suffer from having dirty air, to step forward and say, 'No. This is important for Maine, it's important for the country,' " Hinck says.

If passed, Portland would be the seventh city in the state to pass similar resolutions, joining Bangor, Waterville, Augusta, Hallowell, Lewiston, and South Portland.

Supporters in Portland say they hope Maine's congressional delegation will keep the city's message in mind when considering federal clean air laws.