Scallop Fishing Areas Closing to Curb Over-Exploitation

Feb 24, 2017

PORTLAND, Maine - Maine fishing regulators are temporarily closing several scallop fishing areas beginning this weekend to prevent the valuable shellfish from over-harvest.
WCSH-TV reports the state Department of Marine Resources closures take effect on Sunday for the Damariscotta River in Lincoln County, North Haven and mid-Penobscot Bay.
The closures will also take place in the Lower Blue Hill Bay and Jericho Bay area, and the Chandler Bay and Head Harbor area.
The closures are typical of the state's highly regulated scallop fishing season, which ends in early spring.
The state uses the closures to ensure that different areas around the state don't become overexploited.
Scallops typically sell for $20 to $25 per pound to consumers at markets and grocery stores.
Hand harvest will be allowed in the Damariscotta River area.