Search for Missing Clammer Suspended

Jan 7, 2018

St. GEORGE, Maine - Authorities say they'll resume the search for 33 year old Paul Benner in the coming days, but on Saturday evening, the extreme cold, ice, and slush along the coast brought the search to a halt.

Marine Patrol Officers searched an area of Long Cove starting Saturday morning and found footprints in the sand which they believe may belong to Benner.

Benner went missing from that area of coastal Knox county Thursday night, just as a blizzard was departing the area. His family reported him missing around 11 pm that night. According to them, the Thomaston man had planned to go clamming on Clark Island, which is part of the municipality of St. George.

Maine Marine Patrol officials say they'll continue to monitor conditions, and with warmer, more favorable weather forecast in the coming says, the search will likely resume.