Some Maine Marijuana Patients Can Now Pay For Prescriptions Using Smartphone App

Mar 17, 2017

For the first time in Maine, some patients will be able to pay for their marijuana prescriptions without visiting the ATM.

A new mobile app called CanPay is available at the state’s largest dispensary, Wellness Connection of Maine. CEO Patricia Rosi says it’s a milestone for the industry, which has struggled for legitimacy due to ongoing federal restrictions.

Rosi says no card or payment processing company would do business with them, leaving patients no option but to carry cash. But with the app, linked to a bank account, she says, patients can now pay securely with their phones.

“It will generate a temporary code, in the form of a QR code, which will be enabling payment, and you will receive a statement in your email, so it’s very simple, very seamless,” she says.

And no fees are attached to using the service, she says.

The CanPay app is currently available at Wellness Connection in Portland, and Rosi says it will soon be available at the dispensary’s branches in Bath, Brewer and Gardiner.