World Affairs

Tuesday, December 5 at 2:00 pm

Taking Climate Change Seriously

Unprecedented hurricanes brought torrential rain and wind that devastated many parts of southeastern Texas and Florida. Monsoon flooding inundated entire neighborhoods in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. Meanwhile, wildfires combined with record-breaking heat waves that blazed across the Western US. And that was just last month’s headlines.

While millions of people deal with the aftermath of these disasters, US EPA head Scott Pruitt told CNN that now was not the time to discuss the role of climate change in these extreme weather patterns. Climate scientists say otherwise.

For Katharine Mach and Miyuki Hino, climate scientists at Stanford University, it’s time for us to address climate change head-on. Their advice: we don’t have to be sitting ducks. By taking collective action now, we can be better equipped to weather tomorrow’s storm. Join us for this clear-eyed assessment of climate change and a discussion about how we can better anticipate, plan for and mitigate the impacts of our warming climate.

Miyuki Hino
Ph.D Student, Environment and Resources, Stanford University

Katharine Mach
Director of Stanford Environment Assessment Facility - Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment; Senior Research Associate, Carnegie Institution's Department of Global Ecology

Kate Larsen
Director, Rhodium Group

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