York Land Trust Preserving 220 Forest Acres In Southern Maine

Dec 15, 2017

The York Land Trust has acquired more than 200 acres of forested land in York, to create one of its largest preserves.

York Land Trust Executive Director Doreen MacGillis says the trust was able to buy the land thanks in part to a big contribution from the people of York.

"There was a town referendum where we asked the voters in York to approve a $300,000 contribution from the town toward the project," MacGillis says, and that passed with overwhelming support."

The 220-acre Fuller Forest property has been managed as a sustainable working forest. MacGillis says that's going to continue.

"There's a very strong demand everywhere for wood products," she says, "and if we don't create sustainable local sources then it means we're getting it from distant places. It's much more sustainable to harvest it locally."

The property is part of a much bigger parcel, MacGillis says. "When you look at it in the context of other conservation land around it, this is about a 1,300- to 1,400-acre block of conserved, undeveloped land."

She says the trust will manage its acreage for recreation, wildlife, education and "traditional uses" such as hunting.  It's also hoping to add a parking area and expand the trail network.