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June 2016

Welcome to Music That Moves ME Project

Music That Moves ME is unique audio diary series that airs on Maine Public Radio and Maine Public Classical each June. Each weekday that month we post up a new audio diary of people sharing their passion and love for music as a very powerful reminder of the role music plays in all of our lives. Take a few minutes and explore some of the great stories that have come our way!

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Each year Maine Public also holds an instrument drive as part of the Music That Moves ME program. Donated instruments are distributed to needy young musicians across the state. Contact Cory Morrissey,, for more information or to arrange for an instrument drop off.

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Camp Songs

Jun 30, 2016
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith

In 2016, Steve Smith became L.L.Bean’s 4th president and CEO. While he has worked throughout the world, Steve is thrilled to come back to Maine where he worked early in his career and where he and his wife started their family. As an avid outdoorsman he is looking forward to connecting his work with a love of the outdoors, as well as reconnecting with the many Maine people who have remained his friends and colleagues through the years.

Musical Memory: The Steward Song by Geoff Saunders and Style as performed by Thirdstory.

'La Vie en Rose'

Jun 29, 2016

Musical Memory: "La Vie en Rose" as recorded by Marlene Dietrich.

'Astral Weeks'

Jun 28, 2016
Carolyn Stephens
Carolyn Stephens

Carolyn Stephens, writer of the blog Through A Widow’s Eyes and contributor to the anthology The Widows’ Handbook, is currently finishing a memoir, Heart Broken Open. A mom and small business owner, she lives, works, gardens, and writes in beautiful Portland, Maine.

Musical Memory: "Astral Weeks" by Van Morrison.

'Fathers and Sons'

Jun 27, 2016

  Sally Wells is a biomedical scientist and educator. She is an associate professor and chairman of the division of natural science and mathematics at Boston University. Sally is also a fiddler in the Irish and Cape Breton traditions and publishes widely on the evolution of traditional music in North America. She lives in Kennebunk, Maine with her husband and frequent musical collaborator, the noted American musicologist Paul F. Wells.

Musical Memory: “Fathers and Sons,” by Jerry Holland

'All Along the Watchtower'

Jun 24, 2016
Jeff Neal
Jeff Neal

Born and bred in southern Maine, Jeff has lived a dichotomous existence precariously balancing the life of a world traveling musician and local public educator. For over twenty years, Jeff has taught social studies at the public high school level here in Maine, and for the past decade plus, played drums for the rock band Boston. "I'm kind of the Indiana Jones of rock & roll," writes Jeff.  "Most of the time I'm a mild mannered teacher and coach and from time to time, I get to go out and have big musical adventures, traveling 0shundreds of thousands miles and playing for hundreds of thousands of people. I'm pretty lucky."

Music Memory: "All Along the Watchtower" by Jimi Hendrix.


Jun 23, 2016
Taffy Field
Taffy Field

Taffy Field came to Maine in 1973 with the handsomest guy on the East Coast to teach housebuilding, creative writing, and high school English, and raise thousands of pounds of organic blueberries. A hundred or so of her radio essays have been aired on MPBN (thank you!) and/or Christian Science Monitor Radio.

Musical Memory: "Imagine," by John Lennon.

'My Babe'

Jun 22, 2016

Musical Memory: "My Babe."

Verdi's 'Rigoletto La donna è mobile"

Jun 21, 2016
Sue Reed
Sue Reed

Sue Reed is the Early Childhood Specialist at the Maine Department of Education where she oversees public preschool for the state.  She lives in Portland with her husband, Bob, and two Goldendoodles, Ella and Homer.

Musical Memory: "Verdi's Rigoletto — two arias — 'La donna è mobile'"

'Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)'

Jun 20, 2016
Ann Simmons
Ann Simmons

Ann Simmons was a pediatrician in Calais from 1986 until 2013.  She now enjoys playing the violin with the Eastport-based Passamaquoddy Bay Symphony Orchestra, being outdoors, and spending time with her husband and daughter.

Musical Memory: "Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)" as performed by Quoddy Voices.

'A Love Supreme'

Jun 17, 2016
Michael Pazdon
Michael Pazdon

Musical Memory: A Love Supreme by John Coltrane.

'Night on Bald Mountain'

Jun 16, 2016
Rachel Riley
Rachel Riley

Hailing from central Maine, Rachel earned her degree in  Mechanical Engineering from UMO, and after many years as an HVAC and Plumbing Design Engineer, she now works as a manufacturer's representative. She loves hiking, running and swimming and enjoying the outdoors in the great state of Maine.

Musical Memory: Night on Bald Mountain, Mussorgsky

'Sea Drift'

Jun 15, 2016
Dr. Bill Wieting
Dr. Bill Wieting

Born in Boston in 1938, Dr. Bill Wieting is an alumnus of Hamilton College and Boston University School of Medicine, who settled in York Harbor, Maine, in 1969 when the Navy named him Chief of Medicine at Portsmouth (NH) Naval Hospital, after having served two years as Medical Officer on two different ballistic missile submarines; Bill left active Naval duty in 1971 and conducted a solo practice of internal medicine in Portsmouth, NH, for 34 years until he retired in 2005 (he'd already retired as a Navy Medical Corps Captain) to devote himself to his family, collecting American art, singing in local choruses, and listening to classical music all day - on MPBN, of course!

'Clair De Lune'

Jun 14, 2016
Sara Billings Leighton (left)
Sara Billings Leighton

Sara lives in beautiful Penobscot, Maine with her wonderful husband, Rick. Together they have six amazing children and one very special grandchild. She is a Realtor for Downeast Properties and owner of SaraSara's Boutique.

Musical Memory: Clair De Lune by Claude Debussy

'Not Too Far From Here'

Jun 13, 2016
Rev. Shirley Bowen
Rev. Shirley Bowen

Shirley is an Episcopal priest in the Diocese of Maine and serves as the Executive Director and Chaplain at the Seeds of Hope Neighborhood Center in Biddeford, Maine, where she lives with her husband, Peter, and their cat, Isaac.

Musical Memory: Not Too Far From Here by Michael Crawford

'I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)'

Jun 10, 2016
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith lives in Portland with her partner and two cats, a dog, and a lizard with no back feet.

Musical Memory: I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) by Whitney Houston