Camden National Bank

Camden National Bank plans to use some of the money it's saving on corporate taxes under the new Republican tax plan to give bonuses to its non-executive employees.

Full-timers will get a $1,000 bonus, part-timers $750.

Camden President and CEO Greg Dufour says while it's nice to be able to thank employees for their service, it's also about employee retention and long-term planning.

CAMDEN, Maine - Camden National and The Bank of Maine branches will all close at 4 p.m.  today so the two banks can merge.

Camden National President Greg Dufour says there's plenty to be done. "Basically, all the banking activities that The Bank of Maine customers are doing, literally, right up until 4 o'clock - we have to transfer that all over to Camden National Bank systems over the weekend."

CAMDEN, Maine - The planned merger of two banks would create the largest Maine-based bank in the state. Camden National Bank and the Bank of Maine announced today they plan to join together under the Camden National Bank name.

The new bank will surpass Bangor Savings Bank in size, and, according to Camden National CEO Gregory DuFour, will hold about 10 percent of all Mainers' bank deposits.

DuFour says although current Bank of Maine customers will see their bank's name change, it's not yet clear what else might change. 

Jennifer Mitchell / MPBN

CAMDEN, Maine - A Maine bank is kicking off a program to support Maine's homeless shelters with every new mortgage it issues.
"What we want to do is to raise the awareness and the dialog about homelessness in the state of Maine," says Camden National Bank President and CEO Greg Dufour.