heating oil

Susan Sharon / Maine Public

It’s been a rough start to the new year for thousands of customers who rely on home heating fuel and for the companies that provide it.

PORTLAND, Maine — A Maine government survey says the average statewide cash price for heating oil dropped 8 cents in the past week despite rapidly dropping temperatures.

The Governor's Energy Office says the average price was $2.63 a gallon, according to the Jan. 12 survey. The average kerosene price of $3.24 was also 7 cents lower than last week. Propane prices dropped one cent to $2.73. Heating oil averaged $3.81 per gallon a year ago at this time, while kerosene was $4.21 and propane was $3.17.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Republican Gov. Paul LePage has signed an emergency proclamation that will allow heating oil delivery trucks to stay on the road longer.

The proclamation is aimed at ensuring that Mainers can get heating oil delivered to their homes and stay warm while the temperatures plunge.

The order went into effect on Friday and will remain in place for 10 days or until LePage declares that the emergency is over.

The governor says that even though drivers will be able to spend more time on the roads, they need to make sure they're staying safe.

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) _ Maine officials are encouraging homeowners to take precautions this winter to prevent heating oil spills at home.