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Returning an overdue book to the Bangor Public Library will no longer cost you.

As of the first of the year, the library is not charging fines for late books, as long as they are not more than one month late.

Library Executive Director Barbara McDade said abolishing fines will get rid of one of the biggest reasons people say they don't use the library.

The Future of Libraries

May 18, 2017

Is the purpose of libraries no longer to store and lend books, but to serve as a digital hub for the community? Are public libraries on the decline, or just changing their focus? The Maine State Librarian and the director of the Bangor Public library join us to discuss the role of libraries in today’s highly connected world.  

Guests:  Barbara A. McDade, Director, Bangor Public LibraryJames Ritter, Maine State Librarian

Discover what's inside the Maine State Library beyond books and periodicals.

Guests:  Linda Lord, Maine State Librarian

Beth Edmonds, Freeport Community Library

Jean Gulliver, Board Member, Friends of the Maine State Library