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May 19, 2014

Where to birdwatch in Maine and which birds to look for. Birdwatching is one of the fastest-growing pastimes in America. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife service estimates that 48 million of us are birders, the same report shows that Maine is second only to Montana in the percentage of people who are bird-watchers. And why not? By many measures, Mainers are living in bird-watching paradise. Especially right now, during the spring migration season, when songbirds arrive from South and Central America.

Jay Field

Walker School in Liberty made impressive gains over the past year. The school's grade on it's 2014 state report card jumped from a D to a B. Thanks to budget cuts, Walker now shares its principal with another elementary school in the district, Regional School Unit 3. Troy Central School moved from an F to a D this year. According to the state, it's still struggling. But a visit to Troy revealed the same kind of energy and programs in place that eventually allowed Walker School to become more successful.

Events in Africa

May 15, 2014

An update on some of the recent events in Africa. The latest news on the search for the abducted school girls in Nigeria, the civil war in South Sudan and the crisis in the Central African Republic.

Host Jennifer Rooks speaks with:

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One-hundred-fifty years ago this week, soldiers from Maine were among those taking part in one of the bloodiest clashes of the Civil War: the battle of Spotsylvania Court House. For one Vermont resident, it's an historical event bought to life by a recently-discovered cache of letters written by her great-great-grandfather who was there - and captured an enemy flag before being wounded. Tom Porter has more.

Tasha Wallis says her interest in this historic event began a few months ago when a family gathering took an unexpected turn.

There was a time when the Maine State Police would see thousands of applicants for state trooper openings. These days, they might see a hundred. Those close to the ranks of the state police say pay might be one reason for the change. But they also point to societal factors, and to the stricter screens used to weed out the applicant pool.

Earlier this year, Jon Brown, a trooper from Piscataquis County, told members of the Legislature's Appropriations Committee that he sometimes takes road kill home to feed his family.

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More than 30 local food activists took their support of Maine farmer Dan Brown from the barnyard to the courtyard this morning. Brown is a Blue Hill farmer who was fined $1,000 by the state for selling raw milk at his farm stand without a license. Blue Hill is one of 11 towns in Maine that have declared independence from state and federal regulations on locally-produced food. And Brown issued a legal challenge of the state's action against him. Today the Maine Supreme Court took up his case.

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A published news report is linking a Maine street gang to the gun that was used last year by one of the Boston Marathon bombers. According to the L.A. Times, the 9-millimeter semi-automatic pistol used to kill a Massachusetts Institute of Technology security officer, and seriously wound another officer, was purchased at Cabela's in Scarborough, and passed along to a Portland drug dealer, who is believed to have given it to the alleged bomber.

In Lewiston-Auburn, Dollar Stores a Dime a Dozen

May 13, 2014
Tom Porter / MPBN

The Lewiston-Auburn area is poised for a mini retail boom - of sorts. Two major discount "dollar store" chains are targeting the Twin Cities for major development in the near future - a move that some industry observers find interesting, given that hundreds of dollar stores are closing elsewhere in the country.

Heavy equipment prepares the ground for the construction of an 8,300-square-foot Family Dollar store on Sabbatus Street, about two-and-a-half miles from downtown Lewiston. 

  Meet the new Music Director at MPBN, Robin Rilette. She was the former morning classical host at Northwest Public Radio (NWPR), based in Pullman, Washington.

Host Jennifer Rooks spoke with:

MPBN's Music Director Robin Rilette

Mark Vogelzang

Sep 23, 2013

  As Maine Calling begins its expanded schedule, MPBN's CEO Mark Vogelzang was here to answer your questions and take your comments about what lies ahead for public radio and TV in our state and beyond.

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by 

Mark Vogelzang, MPBN President and CEO

  MPBN President/CEO Mark Vogelzang and Director of Content, Charles Beck, answered listener questions about the recent changes to the MPBN radio schedule.

Guest host Jennifer Rooks was joined by: 

Mark Vogelzang, MPBN President/CEO

Charles Beck, MPBN Vice President of Radio & Television

  Mark Vogelzang, MPBN's new President and CEO, has been on the job for six months. He will be ready to discuss with members and listeners where MPBN is headed, programming and anything else of interest to our listeners.

Guest-host Jennifer Rooks spoke with:

Mark Vogelzang, MPBN President & C.E.O.

  Jennifer Rooks was the guest-host, and her guest was Mark Vogelzang, MPBN's new President and CEO about his vision for MPBN.  They discussed his long and varied career in public media; the future of public broadcasting; and much more.

Guest-host Jennifer Rooks spoke with:

Mark Vogelzang, President and CEO of MPBN