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PORTLAND, Maine - The University of Southern Maine and Iceland's Reykjavik University will sign an agreement to make it easier for students and faculty to visit the schools.
USM officials say President Glenn Cummings and Reykjavik University President Ari Jonsson will sign the agreement on Friday. The schools began collaborating last August.
USM says the new agreement "sets a course for routine visits'' by students and faculty at both schools. The schools are calling it an "internship addendum.''

Eating Disorders

Mar 17, 2017

According to the National Eating Disorders Association – NEDA - National surveys estimate that 20 million women and 10 million men in America will have an eating disorder at some point in their lives.  Bulimia, anorexia nervosa and binge eating are among the many eating disorders that can seriously affect sufferers – who are often young women, but also men.  What are the symptoms, risks and treatments for these disorders?

Guests: Patrice Lockhart, Medical Director of the New England Eating Disorders Program at Sweetser

BANGOR, Maine - Federal officials are set to announce how $1.1 million in forfeited money from a massive marijuana grow operation will be distributed to Maine law enforcement agencies.

The marijuana operation was concealed in the woods and bogs in Washington County. Drug agents in 2009 seized nearly 3,000 plants and 40 pounds of processed marijuana valued at $9 million.

Five men were either convicted or pleaded guilty.

AUGUSTA, Maine - A proposal to try to address marine debris that results from commercial activities on and near the water will be the subject of a public hearing in the Maine State House.

Rep. Michael Devin, a Newcastle Democrat, has proposed the bill, which will be up for a hearing before the Marine Resources Committee on March 22.

Devin's bill proposes to take on marine debris that results from businesses such as commercial fishing operations and aquaculture.

BANGOR, Maine - A new study suggests that as more people retire, inadequate personal savings means the taxpayers will have to take on more of the burden. 

"With an aging Maine workforce moving into retirement increasingly reliant on public assistance, that cost to the state it likewise increasing," says Amy Gallant, advocacy director for AARP Maine, which commissioned the study.

States and the federal governments must address the barriers to saving for retirement, says Gallant, or the burden on taxpayers will continue to grow.

E'nkul Kanakan / Portland Empowered (courtesy photo)

For someone new to Maine, particularly if they have come from another country or speak a different language, education is an opportunity. But it can be intimidating. The academics are challenging, but what’s tougher for many students and their families is the language barrier.

Maple Syrup Production

Mar 16, 2017

What is the status of Maine's maple syrup industry? How is the quality and volume of syrup from our state, and are changes in climate affecting the outlook for the future? How are producers adjusting their techniques and plans? And how is Maine's maple syrup viewed by the rest of the world?

Guests:  Kathryn Hopkins, Extension Professor, University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Lyle Merrifield, maple syrup producer and the president of the Maine Maple Producers

Prices for heating fuels in Maine have come down over the past few weeks.

Lisa Smith with the Governor’s Energy Office says, since late February, the statewide average price of heating oil has dropped 4 cents a gallon to $2.26. Kerosene is also down 4 cents to $2.79 a gallon, and the statewide average price of propane is down a nickel to $2.55.

Smith says the price drops follow an historical trend and reflect supply and demand.

PORTLAND, Maine - The Army Corps of Engineers will conduct emergency dredging operations along a stretch of the lower Kennebec River between Phippsburg and Bath.

The Portland Press Herald reports that the dredging project will begin April 19 and take about three to five weeks to complete. The work is designed to ensure the safe passage along the river channel of Navy destroyers built at Bath Iron Works.

Tax Preparation

Mar 15, 2017

Tax Day is a month away.  We get advice from tax professionals on recent changes to the tax code, legal concerns, and answers to your tax preparation questions. They'll also offer advice on financial planning for the future.

Guests:  Rebecca Carrier, tax attorney and principal with CCS Professionals, a tax and accounting firm based in Portland

Sean P. Riley, Financial Advisor, Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., based in Falmouth

David Goldman / Associated Press

PORTLAND, Maine - A major nor’easter that battered the north Atlantic coast swept across Maine Tuesday, knocking out power to tens of thousands, stranding travelers and dumping nearly two feet of snow on some parts of the state.

Maine Veterans' Homes facility on Cony Rd. in Augusta

Maine Veterans Homes wants to build a new, 138 bed nursing facility in Augusta, across the road from MaineGeneral Medical Center. The existing facility would be replaced with what are described as “small house style” units. Marketing Director Devin Robinson says the “small home” model is the newest, most current nursing home style in the country. That’s in contrast to the current facility which was built using a hospital format with long hallways and large units.

A Lewiston dentist whose license was suspended due to multiple complaints could resume practice this week. A disciplinary hearing has been postponed till after the suspension expires.

Dr. Jan Kippax received an emergency license suspension in February after
the Maine Board of Dental Practice received complaints that Kippax allegedly extracted the wrong teeth, continued with painful procedures despite distress from patients, and physically restrained patients against their will.

Maine Public/file

Described by his colleagues as a passionate defense attorney who was fearless in the courtroom, Daniel Lilley died Saturday at a Maine hospital, according to his Portland law firm.

The 79-year-old Aroostook County native was remembered by his peers as a brilliant trial lawyer who never forgot the value of the common touch.

Michael Dwyer / Associated Press

BANGOR, Maine — Maine is virtually shut down as a massive nor'easter bearing heavy snow and high winds spreads across the state.

But the nor'easter that's bringing late-winter misery to northern New England is tracking a bit more westward than originally expected.
Meteorologist Andy Pohl from the National Weather Service says that means there could be a mix of sleet and freezing rain on the New Hampshire and southern Maine coast. He says that also could mean some 30-inch totals in the far northern parts of New Hampshire and Vermont.