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PORTLAND, Maine - Portland police say an officer who fatally shot a man brandishing what turned out to be a pellet gun that looked like a rifle has used deadly force before.
Police say Sgt. Nicholas Goodman shot 22-year-old Chance David Baker. Police say Baker was walking through the parking lot of a strip mall Saturday screaming and pointing what looked like a rifle at cars. The weapon turned out to be a pellet gun.

The word “expulsion” probably brings to mind disruptive high-schoolers. But in fact, many children are expelled as early as preschool. New research shows that in Maine, nearly a quarter of childcare centers have expelled a child in the past year.

National Political Update

Feb 20, 2017

The Trump administration turns one month old on February 20th. We’ll hear from The Wall Street Journal’s political editor, and from a former White House insider, on how the Trump administration transition is going, and the reaction from Capitol Hill to the new President.

Guests:  Jeanne Cummings, National Political Editor for The Wall Street Journal

Internal and external reviews of the Portland Police Department are underway after an officer fatally shot a man holding a pellet gun.

The department hasn't identified the officer who shot 22-year-old Chance David Baker on Saturday. He's been placed on administrative leave.

State law requires the Maine Attorney General's office investigate officer-involved shootings.

Portland Police Shoot Man Brandishing Pellet Gun

Feb 19, 2017

A Portland police officer has fatally shot a man brandishing a pellet gun that looked like a rifle yesterday.
Police received reports of a man walking through the parking lot of the Union Station Plaza strip mall screaming and pointing a gun at cars shortly after 11 a.m. yesterday. Conflicting reports to police described the gun as a shotgun, rifle or BB gun but was a rifle-style pellet gun with a wooden stock and scope. 
The man, 22-year-old Chance David Baker of Portland died at a local hospital. 

Authorities in Maine say two snowmobile drivers have died in Maine since Friday.

The Buxton Police Department says one person was killed Friday afternoon after crash with a motor vehicle. The victim's name hasn't been released and few details are available about how the crash happened. An investigation remains underway.

The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife says another snowmobile driver died early Saturday while driving along trails in Newport.

Drug Abuse Sending More Kids to State Custody

Feb 17, 2017

PORTLAND, Maine — The state of Maine has removed an increasing number of children from their homes in recent years because of their parent’s drug abuse.

State data obtained by The Associated Press show that 440 children in 2015 were removed from their home because of parental drug abuse, up from 282 in 2009.

Through June of last year, the Department of Health and Human Services removed 200 children for that reason.

More than one person a day died from a drug overdose in Maine last year.

Fred Bever / Maine Public

Parts of Portland’s Munjoy Hill are under a boil-water order after a water main break left a car-size hole in Portland’s Preble Street, one of three breaks the Portland Water District was handling Friday.

People on the portion of Munjoy Hill northeast of Sheridan Street are being told to boil their water for a minute before drinking, making ice cubes, washing food or brushing their teeth.

PORTLAND, Maine - What better place to hold a conference on lobsters than the biggest city in the lobster fishing industry's most important state?

Portland will host the 11th International Conference & Workshop on Lobster Biology and Management in June.

The conference will focus on environmental changes impacting the lobster industry. The globalization of the lobster industry will also be a key subject.

Foreign Diplomacy

Feb 17, 2017

The proposed “wall” on the Mexican border, the Trump administration’s recent reversal on the “one China” policy and the President’s tense conversation with Australia’s prime minister over refugee policy all illustrate the complicated changing dynamics in U.S. foreign policy. Our guests discuss the challenges and opportunities of conducting foreign diplomacy under the new Administration.

Guests:  Barbara Elias Klenner, Assistant Professor of Government, Bowdoin College; she teaches U.S. foreign policy and national security.

Eighteen workers at Woodland Pulp Mill’s bleach plant in Baileyville were taken to Calais Regional Hospital Thursday morning after being exposed to chlorine oxide gas during a planned maintenance outage.

Chlorine oxide is a potent chemical used in water treatment and bleaching. Woodland Pulp spokesman Scott Beal says the chemical was accidentally released and quickly contained. Workers, he says, were taken to the hospital out of an abundance of caution and kept for observation.

Senator Angus King

Feb 16, 2017

Maine’s junior senator joins us from Washington, DC.  Likely topics of discussion include:  King's votes on President Trump's cabinet nominees, his view of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, King’s efforts to boost broadband access in rural Maine, and the Senate intelligence committee’s probe of Russian intel activities (King serves on this committee.)

Guest:  Angus King is in his first term as U.S. Senator.

Robert F. Bukaty / Associated Press

With the recent barrage of storms canceling school across Maine, district officials are weighing their options on how to make up so many snow days.

Most schools build in about five snow days into the school calendar. Unfortunately, many districts, including Portland and South Portland, have already hit that limit.

South Portland Superintendent Ken Kunin says the upcoming storms could wind up extending the school year into the last week of June.

“We really don’t wanna go there if we don’t have to. But we’ll take it if it comes,” he says.

PORTLAND, Maine - The state has lost its effort to impose a greater penalty on a Maine nurse whose license was suspended after letting a disoriented patient leave a hospital during a snowstorm.

The Maine State Board of Nurses sought to revoke John Zablotny's license for two years, but a judicial review reduced the penalty to a 90-day suspension.

The Maine Supreme Judicial Court affirmed the decision on Tuesday.

Mental Health Issues

Feb 15, 2017

Two leading psychiatrists address the current research and treatment for a range of psychiatric issues, from anxiety to seasonal disorders to dealing with grief--and they answer your mental health questions.  How much anxiety is normal during stressful societal times? What is narcissism, and how does it affects someone's relationships and behavior? Does the winter bring on seasonal affective disorder and sleep disorders? And we answer listener's questions about psychiatric issues.