MDI Biological Laboratory

Courtesy MDI Biological Laboratory

An MDI Biological Laboratory scientist's work on wounds is getting federal funding from the National Institutes of Health. 

Dr. Vicki Losick is getting $1.7 million over the next three years to study different ways that cells heal themselves after an injury.

Losick says wounds that don't heal - which are associated with diabetes and more generally with aging - are becoming more of a problem. "If your wounds don't heal you're at a higher risk for infection, and that's a considerable problem for Maine, where we have an aging population."

BAR HARBOR, Maine - The president of MDI Biological Laboratory says he will step down from the post in July 2018, when his term ends.

The biological laboratory is located on Mount Desert Island and it is an independent biomedical research institution focused on human health. Kevin Strange has served as its president for seven years.

MDI Biological Laboratory

How can I live longer? That’s the big question for many people — and one of the answers may rest in a millimeter-long, dirt-dwelling roundworm.

Courtesy MDI Biological Laboratory

PORTLAND, Maine - A common tropical fish may hold secrets that could help reduce the effects of heart disease, and now researchers are a step closer to discovering them.

The zebrafish shares about 70 percent of DNA with humans - but unlike us, it can regenerate damaged tissue.

Dr. Voot Yin is a researcher at MDI Biological Laboratory in Bar Harbor.  He says scientists there have isolated a gene that helps to remove scar tissue from the heart, and stimulate new growth.

Christine DiPasquale.

BAR HARBOR, Maine - Leaders in the field of regenerative medicine are at the MDI Biological Laboratory in Bar Harbor this weekend. They're taking part in REGEN2015: The research symposium, lecture series and two-week course for graduate students look at the ways regenerative medicine is giving new hope to people suffering from paralysis and other traumatic injuries.

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PORTLAND, Maine - A coalition of business, academic, political and community leaders today launched a campaign to support one of the bond proposals on next month's ballot. Question 5 asks voters to support a $3 million bond, which would be matched by $5.7 million in public and private funds to support the expansion of workforce training and research opportunities in Maine.