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Steve Mistler / Maine Public

Vanquished Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was awarded three of Maine’s electoral votes and President-elect Donald Trump received one following a vote by the Electoral College at the State House today.

Rebecca Conley / Maine Public

Opponents of Question 1, the ballot measure legalizing recreational marijuana Maine, have delivered an early Christmas present to supporters. They announced they are abandoning their recount effort and conceding that the yes side won.

Representatives from the No on 1 campaign gave notice to the Secretary of State’s Bureau of Elections Saturday afternoon to bring an end to the recount, which was scheduled to resume in January. They also contacted supporters to congratulate them on their victory.

Otto Kitsinger / Associated Press

The official vote totals are in from the secretary of state, so now might be a good time to applaud the gamblers out there who took the over on the undervote.

AUGUSTA, Maine - The recount of the ballot question that would allow the recreational use of marijuana in Maine is underway in Augusta.

Secretary of State Matt Dunlap says it could take months to complete if all of the nearly 760,000 ballots that were cast are recounted. He says the apparent winning margin of 4,073 will be hard to overturn.

“You would have to have not less than somewhere between four and eight votes change in every town, and they all would have to change in your direction,” Dunlap says.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine's independent senator is calling on President Barack Obama to release top-secret information on alleged Russian attempts to interfere with the presidential election.

The Portland Press Herald reports that U.S. Sen. Angus King was among seven senators on Wednesday who signed a letter asking Obama to publicly release details on potential Russian involvement in the election.

King says a foreign government aimed an arrow "at the heart of democracy'' and says America should take it very seriously.

By Marina Villeneue, The Associated Press
AUGUSTA, Maine - Republican Gov. Paul LePage is telling legislators he will rubber-stamp their election certificates, despite his concerns about the accuracy of Maine's official election results.

Democratic lawmakers are criticizing the governor for casting doubt on the integrity of election results certified by the Democratic Secretary of State without providing any evidence.

Democratic Rep. Justin Chenette tweeted that LePage's "baseless rhetoric hurts democracy.''

Groups seeking a recount of Question 2, which puts a 3 percent surtax on incomes over $200,000 to create a fund for public schools, have withdrawn their request. Opponents of the measure say they now believe it passed by a valid margin.

A coalition of business groups filed for the recount after unofficial tallies indicated a very close margin. The groups had opposed the ballot question, saying it would make it harder to recruit highly paid professionals to Maine.

Gov. Paul LePage was a vocal opponent of two initiatives that Maine voters approved on Nov. 8. He continues to argue that Question 2, which would generate funding for public schools through a surtax on high-income households, and Question 4, which raises the minimum wage, would both hurt the economy.

He’s asking the next Legislature to make changes in both laws, but some leaders in Augusta say they’re reluctant to second guess the will of the voters.

AUGUSTA, Maine - The Maine Department of the Secretary of State says recounts of a pair of ballot questions will likely take four to six weeks.

The department is getting ready to announce a schedule for the recounts. The recounts have been requested for ballot questions that legalized recreational marijuana and approved a tax on high earners to fund public education.

Voters narrowly passed both measures on Nov. 8.

Mal Leary / Maine Public

AUGUSTA, Maine - Democrats in the Maine House of Representatives have nominated their leaders for the upcoming session.

They chose Rep. Sara Gideon, of Freeport, as speaker of the house, Erin Herbig, of Belfast, as majority leader, and Lewiston Rep. Jared Golden as assistant majority leader.

Gideon says it will be a difficult session. “It is always a difficult thing to keep 77 people moving in the same direction. It takes conversations, it takes an understanding of all the ramifications of things.”

PORTLAND, Maine - Mainers may be more passionate about guns, marijuana and the minimum wage than about the nation's next leader.

Unofficial tallies from the Nov. 8 election indicate more Mainers voted on four referendum proposals than for president. Those referendums legalized recreational marijuana, raised the minimum wage and increased taxes on high-income Mainers to boost education funding.

The trend was most dramatic in the failed proposal to expand background checks for gun purchases.

Opponents of two ballot measures have made it official: they’ll be asking for recounts.

Both the opponents of Question 1, which allows for the taxation and regulation of recreational marijuana, and Question 2, which would raise taxes to provide more funding for local schools, have submitted the required number of petitions to begin the process.

AUGUSTA, Maine — A pair of Maine House of Representative races will be the subject of recounts.

The Maine Department of the Secretary of State says requests were made for House districts 78 and 121. The District 78 recount will take place Thursday and the 121 recount is scheduled for Friday.

Recounts of House districts generally take about half a day.

Democrat Catherine Nadeau defeated Republican Benjamin Twitchell in the District 78 race. The district includes Benton and Winslow.

AUGUSTA, Maine - A pair of Maine House of Representative races could be the subject of recounts.

The Maine Department of the Secretary of State says the requests have been made for House districts 78 and 121. The recounts haven't yet been scheduled. Recounts of House districts generally take about half a day once they're scheduled.

Democrat Christina Riley defeated Republican Keith Cornelio in the District 78 race. The district includes Livermore, Livermore Falls and Jay.

Maine is facing the potential for two statewide recounts — on Question 1, legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, and Question 2, raising taxes to increase funding to schools. Even one would be time consuming and expensive.

Secretary of State Matt Dunlap says a statewide recount of nearly 770,000 ballots will take about six work weeks and cost taxpayers about $500,000. He says from past legislative recounts, it’s unlikely a recount will uncover a large error.