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Debate: Ballot Question 2

Oct 17, 2016

YOUR VOTE 2016 - BALLOT QUESTION 2 - We host a debate on Ballot Question 2 - An act to establish the fund to advance public kindergarten to grade 12 education. (Live from our Lewiston studio)


Representing No on Question 2 - Ed Cervone, Executive Director of Educate Maine.

Representing Yes on Question 2 - John Kosinski, Campaign Manager for The Stand Up for Students Initiative

Evan Vucci / The Associated Press

BANGOR, Maine - Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump assailed his rival Hillary Clinton and accused the media of helping rig an election that pundits suggest is slipping out of his grasp during a rally in Bangor on Saturday.

Tadin Brown serves customers at Coffee by Design in Portland.
Patty Wight / Maine Public Radio

This November, Maine voters will decide whether to raise the state’s minimum wage, now at $7.50 an hour, to $12 an hour by 2020. Supporters and opponents are divided over whether such a boost would stimulate the economy or stall it.

What do Donald Trump and Paul LePage have in common? For one, a knack for dominating the headlines – but much of that coverage is fueling turmoil within Maine’s Republican party. That could have a significant impact in the elections that are now less than a month away.

BANGOR, Maine - The City of Bangor is again planning to help people get to the polls on Election Day using its Community Connector bus service. 

But unlike in years past, this time, no one will need a ticket on Nov. 8.  "Well, what we've done in the past is we've offered free rides to voters to and from the polls on the bus," says city official Meghan Collins. "This year what we're doing different is we're expanding that free option to all bus patrons."

AUGUSTA, Maine - Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is campaigning in Bangor this weekend and political observers believe that is because the Trump campaign thinks it has a chance of winning Maine's 2nd Congressional District, and getting what could be a crucial single vote in the Electoral College.

”The Republicans, in terms of the presidential Electoral College thinking, are looking at the 2nd District because they know that every vote that can be turned out up there will be turned out," says Colby College Government Professor Tony Corrado.

PORTLAND, Maine - Maine Sen. Susan Collins said she will not be casting a vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in this year's presidential election.

The Portland Press Herald reports that the moderate Republican senator made her remarks Thursday during the John F. Kennedy forum held by Harvard University's Institute of Politics.

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree
File/maine public

While millions of dollars, and lots of attention are being spent on the state’s Second Congressional District race, the contest for Maine’s other house seat has barely made any noise at all. That’s because political observers just don’t see the race as being in play.

“Anything on your mind? I am running for re-election,” says incumbent Democratic Congresswoman Chellie Pingree. “I am quite interested in what you are thinking about.”

Chelsea Clinton in Haverford, PA
File photo (AP/Andrew Harnik)

During a visit today at the University of Maine, Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s daughter urged her mother’s supporters to go door-to-door to elevate the national discussion from some of the crude statements made by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Chelsea Clinton said productive conversations detailing her mother’s civil rights, education and financial policies would be an improvement over the GOP agenda.

Susan Sharon / Maine Public

Maine’s attorney general is again raising questions about how Question 1 could affect children if voters approve it next month.

ORONO, Maine - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's daughter says this election is "the most consequential'' of her lifetime.

Chelsea Clinton visited the University of Maine on Thursday to urge voters to support her mother's bid to become the first woman to be elected president.

She went over Hillary Clinton's policy positions and answered questions while wearing a designer T-shirt with the words, "Proud to support Mme (Madame) President.''

AUGUSTA, Maine - Gov. Paul LePage says two liberal activists should be jailed because of their work pushing a ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage.

LePage made the remark during an event hosted by the Lewiston Auburn Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, and one day after saying he misspoke earlier this week when he said Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump should use authoritarian power if elected.

LePage said the minimum wage increase will hurt the elderly. His remarks were captured on a live video stream from the Sun Journal in Lewiston.

ORONO, Maine (AP) _ Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's daughter is headed to Maine.

Chelsea Clinton is scheduled to appear at the University of Maine, where she'll urge Mainers to support her mom's bid to become the first woman to be elected president.

The appearance is in Maine's 2nd Congressional District, where Republican Donald Trump aims to win at least one of Maine's four electoral votes. Clinton sent former primary challenger Bernie Sanders to Bangor last week and Trump will rally there on Saturday.

Former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona, disabled by a gunshot wound in 2012, was in Portland Wednesday to pitch Question 3 on the Maine ballot in November — that’s the measure that would require background checks for gun sales.

It’s the latest publicity event in the contentious debate over gun rights in Maine, a state where hunting is part of the culture in the rural north and west, and where calls for gun control are more popular in the south.

Mal Leary / Maine Public

AUGUSTA, Maine - The Maine Republican Party has unearthed a video from Democrat Emily Cain’s primary campaign in 2014, and they are using it to attack her current campaign for the 2nd District congressional seat now held by Republican incumbent Bruce Poliquin.

In 2011 Emily Cain was in legislative leadership when the state budget was adopted, providing the largest income tax cut in state history.  Cain is touting that in her campaign.