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A.J. Higgins / Maine Public

BANGOR, Maine - Supporters of a ballot question that seeks to raise the state minimum wage to $12 an hour over the next four years released their first television ad today.

Gov. Paul LePage says he made a mistake when he told a Bangor radio station Republican Donald Trump should use “authoritarian power” if elected president. But in a rare news conference he again blamed the press for the fallout from those remarks, and called President Barack Obama a “dictator”.

Next month’s ballot question that raises nearly $160 million for school funding in its first year is being touted by teachers, unions and several progressive groups.

Supporters of Question 2 say it allow the state to meet its obligations to pay for 55 percent of local education costs, by imposing a 3 percent tax surcharge on incomes over $200,000. Opponents say while they commend the goals, the funding scheme is off target.

Mainers are starting to cast absentee ballots throughout the state, and those overseas and in the military have been casting votes for a couple of weeks.

Mainers can request a ballot from their local municipality and mail it back to be counted on Election Day. Secretary of State Matt Dunlap expects big turnout this year.

PORTLAND, Maine - Voters living in communities served by the Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and Wells Water District will vote next month on a referendum to continue adding fluoride to its drinking water.

The Portland Press Herald reports that a small group of residents against the Nov. 8 ballot measure say adding fluoride to drinking water amounts to mass medicating and over-fluoridation could be harmful.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Tuesday reiterated his support for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, telling WVOM radio in Bangor that the country is teetering on the brink of anarchy and needs an authoritarian leader.

The governor also criticized fellow Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins. It didn’t take long for LePage’s statements to make national headlines.

There will be an electoral rematch in Maine next month.

Democrat Emily Cain will try to unseat Republican U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin, who won Maine’s 2nd District seat in a contest against Cain two years ago.

University of Maine at Farmington political science professor Jim Melcher talked with Morning Edition host Irwin Gratz about the race.

2nd Presidential Debate: Analysis

Oct 10, 2016

We'll have post-debate commentary after the second Presidential Debate on October 9th in St. Louis.


-Jeanne Cummings, Political Editor for the Wall Street Journal
-Ronald J. Schmidt, Jr., Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Southern Maine
-Karen Frink Wolf, partner and trial lawyer at Verrill Dana law firm; former Policy Debater and former high school debate coach; she helped guide the Falmouth High School debate team to 4 state championships and was named Maine Debate Coach of the Year in 2014.

Steve Mistler / Maine Public

BANGOR, Maine - Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders urged a crowd of several hundred people to unite behind Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton during a rally today in Bangor.

Eric Trump, son of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, stumped for his father in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District Thursday.

Trump says his father is poised for a historic win in Maine, and he brushed aside criticism about his father’s refusal to release his tax returns, as other presidential candidates have since the 1970s.

Eric Trump says releasing the returns would be exploited by Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence square off in the vice-presidential debate Tuesday night.

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Nearly half a million Maine households paid federal income tax two years ago, according to the most recent IRS statistics. The campaign of presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton hopes that number will resonate with voters as they consider the possibility that rival Donald Trump could have avoided paying any federal income tax for nearly two decades.

Ida Mae Astute/ABC News / Flickr/Creative Commons

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont will hold a rally for Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton on Friday.

The Department of Homeland Security this weekend urged states take steps to make sure their election systems are secure from hackers. Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap says federal officials are overreacting.

“They are talking about security breaches when they don’t really understand the systems themselves. They sort of assume it’s the same type of data breach you see with one of the large data brokers,” he says.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has canceled a rally in Portland, according to city officials.

City spokeswoman Jessica Grondin says the campaign canceled because of “routing issues,” which she interpreted as a scheduling conflict.

The rally was originally supposed to be held at the Portland Expo on Thursday. Grondin says the campaign hopes to reschedule, but has not identified any dates with the city.